Divya Pushyanug Churna

Divya Pushyanug Churna Benefits

Gynaecology : Pushyanug churna is indicated for all female menstrual disorders involving congestion in the artavasrotas (female reproductive channel). Conditions involving excessive bleeding such as metrorrhagia, fibroids and endometriosis are treated with this formula. Excess water stagnation with uterine tumours, ovarian cysts and leucorrhoea are dried up and reduced. Dysmenorrhoea due to high pitta and kapha is regulated as the obstruction causing the pain is removed. Menstrual irregularities such as mid-cycle bleeding and perimenopausal flooding are normalised. All inflammations and irritations, such as in thrush and vulvodynia, are treated.

Pregnancy : With a restless fetus and mid-term bleeding pushyanug churna is indicated. It is also of great benefit post-partum to astringe the uterus muscles and purify the stanya srotas (lactation channel). Blood Conditions involving excess bleeding, especially from the bowel and urinary system, are astringed and rectified. It specifically focuses on rakta dhatu, and the reckless movement of blood flooding out of its channel is addressed by reducing the stagnation that is causing the overflow. The blood nourishing action of the herbs help to treat anaemia. As a vasoconstrictor it tonifies the capillaries and assists the relaxation–contraction cycle in the capillary beds.

Nerves : Irritations of the nervous system causing pain and uterine spasms are soothed.

Packaging: 100 grams.