Heart By clearing excess fluids from the lymph and tissues it reduces strain on the heart. When there is an excess of avalambakha kapha from a weakened circulatory system, fluids collect on the chest causing catarrh, breathlessness, barrel-like chest and tiredness on exertion; punarnavadi guggulu strengthens the heart by clearing the fluids, freeing the circulation and strengthening the heart. As a result of these actions it may be of use for the kapha type of hypertension.

Arthritis When there is swelling, stiffness, morning pain, pitting where the skin does not return to its normal tension after pressing, a sensation of cold and feeling cold to the touch, then there is arthritis from kapha. The herbs in punarnavadi guggulu are primarily warming, diuretic and anti-inflammatory; clearing this type of arthritis. It also benefits vata types of arthritis, sciatica and gout where vata has entered the blood and caused aggravation with pain. This may also be of benefit in certain types of skin disorders with vata in the blood.

Urinary When there is difficulty urinating, painful urination or urinary calculi there are signs of congestion and stagnation in the mutravahasrotas. This formula clears the system of excess fluids and stagnant ‘pools’ of water. It also helps to remove blockages in the sweat channels (svedavahasrotas).