Power centers in our body (Chakras)

Swadhisthan Chakra (Hypogastric Plexus vis-a-vis System): This centre is located just two inches above the Muladhar chakra. In the texts of Tantras, this chakra is known for best results in one’s efforts, best abilities in the human-beings and presence of goddess Saraswati on our tongues. Our urinal system is located in this chakra consisting of (i) Left right kidneys (ii) Urine bladder (iii) rear part of penis (iv) The Urine ducts originating from kidneys (v) Shukrakosha, where sperm is stored. The ducts carrying sperm are located in the left and right, they are sperm making organs. (VI) Scrotum (VII) There are protest glands, sperm carrying ducts flows, path for urine and sperm discharging paths. (VIII) Shishan (Sperm centre). This chakra tells us about Urine centre and Sperm centre and their mutual relationship.