Plight of Indian farmers

Farmers and labours of India, irrespective of caste, state or community areneglected in absence of any strong organization, education and awareness. It is really unfortunate that farmer, toiling land to feed millions, himself is partially fed. And the situation is continuing since decades. The touts are millionaire and the producer and the biggest consumer farmer, is in pitiful condition.

The farmers of India are suffering since decades because of illiteracy. But it could come to an end with education, awareness and strong organization. History shows that suppression of farmers' has been continuing since ages. In British rule, systematic effort to disintegrate farmers' power began with weakening his resources and finance system. Alas, in independent India, same situation continued and in face it turned from bad to worst. Traditionally, the position of farmers' was respectful in Indian society. Urban-rural, agriculture-industry-trade had a respectful relationship.

The major part of income from farming was distributed at local level. The money was utilized for the salary to carpenters, black smith, barbers and operation of educational system, maintenance of inns, temples, mosques and other religious places. A small fraction was given to ruler or to urban areas. This system had minimum suppression but British rule demolished entire system and introduced `zamindari` system. Some people from the village were designated as `zamindars`, `beldars` and were left free to commit atrocities. Till decades, they continued to commit excesses on their own people. Whenever, people opposed inhuman action, they were mercilessly suppressed. These elements acted as pawns of British rule and domestic rulers and with their support, they committed excesses on their own people. History speaks that Indian money lenders, traders and so called intellectuals did not support justified battle of farmers. And this was the beginning of disintegration of strong Indian society and British ruled India for over 400 years on divide and rule policy. Alas, British rule did not spare anyone later. But most unfortunate part is that even after Independence, policies remained unchanged. Policies are still against farmers whether it be the issue of genuine value of their produce or land acquirement. Peasants did not get justice irrespective of the Government, ruling the state.

BT cotton, BT brinjal and lady finger are still promoted. The governments elected by the farmers are advocating and supporting the cause of seed companies. Such international and domestic traders are earning heavy profits and farmers have no option except committing suicide. According to Government data every hour one farmer, burdened of heavy debt ends his life. Prices have sky rocketed but middlemen are still happy. Big companies and groups have entered retail market and now even small traders and shopkeepers would be the worst sufferers. Governments are being controlled by markets dominated by such big companies. This is the real picture of agriculture and its mesmerism. The most unfortunate part is that so called progressive and intellectuals are also, knowing or unknowingly acting as an agent of such companies. Another cause of concern is that scientists, working in agriculture universities and agriculture research centres are not working in practical terms and not giving proper advice to the farmers. As a result, seed and fertilizer dealers, who have no or very less knowledge of farming are selling seeds and other related items. Most of the people in country are consuming oxitosin mixed milk and vegetables, watermelon and pappya, sweetened with sacrine, pulses and adulterated `mawa` and ghee.

We shall always remember that for prosperity of the nation, growth and development of farmers is necessary. For permanent development, the society shall be farmers friendly. Farmers are regularly subjected to suppression and there is no dearth of such examples. Some farmers say that if we start keeping account of farming and farmers like traders, then farming work would suffer. In developed nation, consumer visits farmer's village similar to the farmers going to nearby markets for products in India. This would also force urban population to visit nearby villages but this is possible only when farmers start marketing of wheat and milk made produces. In true senses, Indian farmers would be strengthened only when they start marketing of their produces.