Our health, water and earth

Health Day is observed on 7th of April, Water Resources Day is observed on 10th April and Earth Day is observed on 22nd of April. Let me give them a thought. Addiction to drugs affects health. This addiction is social evil and a root cause of our extinction. Addition to alcohol, tobacco and other such products causes excessive libido and behavioral change among people, enhances cases of eve-teasing, violence, crime and degeneration of society. Also, it causes several diseases of liver, kidney, heart and tuberculosis.

In India ever year about half a million people die of liver sclerosis, kidney failure and cancer, caused by the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other such products. Traders, engaged in the business of liquor and tobacco are explicitly or implicitly responsible for these deaths. When tobacco and liquor traders in the US can be penalized for paying out 5000 crore rupees for the treatment of victims of addiction, then the same businessmen in the country should also be penalized. These businessmen are responsible for the destruction of lives, families and children of millions of people in the country.

Yoga and Ayurveda are systematic forms of treatment, while allopathic treatment is symptomatic. This is the difference between the scientific and ancient form of treatment. A sick person has right to select the form of treatment from a variety of forms.

An ordinary man can invite death by buying poison, Tobacco and liquor. But, a terminally ill patient can not choose form of treatment of his or her choice.

Some companies in their quest of business upstage the interest of the sick people and in the name of treating them, inflict a great deal of pain and misery on them. Traditional forms of medications like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy and other such forms which are cheap, simple and scientifically proven forms of treatments, should not be opposed on the false grounds.

Now the second issue is Water. We all know that in this universe, only the Earth has life forms and that is why, this planet is different from others. Water is the key to life forms. All ancient civilizations like Sindhu, Saraswati, Nile and Tigris, all developed close to river banks. Since the beginning of the Life on the Earth, it continues to provide water by recycling. But, humanity, due to changes in lifestyle and modern civilization, has been consuming water resources. Natural resources are to be managed so that in future, water crisis can be averted.

Water is essential for life. Water regulates life-forms on the Earth. People in Vedic period were aware that rains recycle river water. Out of five basic elements, water is the only one, which is found in all three forms - solid, liquid and gas. Water is produced by combining two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, under specific conditions. But let us know, these molecules are being taken from nature only. Life is not possible without water.

'Mata Bhumi Putroahang Prithviya' : Earth is our mother and we are all its progeny. But our corrupt political system and government machinery are abusing our natural resources or they are continuously conspiring against the country to debilitate it.

Corrupt people abuse these natural resources on their whims and fancies. They sell these resources cheaply to mafia so that they can extort money from them. If we have an efficient management and transparent policy for natural resources and minerals, India can still become a country full of grandeur, because, everything is buried into the womb of the Earth. So, let's not conspire against our mother earth.