Our fear is Actually the Ghost

There was a boy who was highly afraid of ghost. His family members started sending him to a saint to get him free from the ghost fear. But even on the way to the saint, the boy would move fear of ghost. One day, it was a dark night. When the boy reached to the saint that night, he was doused in sweat and was heavily breathing. The saint asked… what happened? The child replied… sir, actually a ghost came across me when I was on the way to your place. I was barely survived. The saint gave him a small packet of powder and said that if you meet the ghost again, just rub it on his face, he will never frighten you again. Next day the boy again came to the saint. He was looking happy. He said that he rubbed the powder on the face of the ghost. The saint replied… it’s great! The ghost will never come to you. Then he passed the boy a mirror and asked him to look into it. When the boy looked into the mirror, he was ashamed to himself that he had rubbed the powder given by the saint on his own face. The saint smiled and said, “Son! There is nothing like ghost or witch. It’s just your wrong notion. You were afraid of your misplace beliefs. Just get rid of such things and be brave. Actually thousands of people are living under the impression of such wrong beliefs.”

Lesson Dear children! Actually those who are dead are Bhoot or past and their dead bodies are like ghost. Rest of all are wrong beliefs. Those who believe in the existence of ghost are always in pain while those who are free from such notions are always happy.