Matsyendrasana - Pashasana (Chord Pose)

Matsyendrasana - Pashasana (Chord Pose)


A) Squat on the floor (keeping the soles and heels flatly on the ground). Knees and feet are close together. Achieve a balanced squat.

B) Twist the trunk until the right arm reaches around the outside of the left knee. The right shoulder touches the left outer knee or thigh.

C) With hands or fingers on the floor, exhale; gently continue the twist as far as the arms will reach. Hold this position while breathing naturally.

D) Release the posture, exhaling and  slowly untwisting to the starting position.

E) Repeat the pose, twisting in the opposite direction.

Benefits: This poses strengthens the ankles, making them more elastic; it helps to release gas, to tone, and to help people who stand on their feet all day. Both poses improve spine agility, strengthen the shoulders, reduce abdominal fat, massage abdominal organs, expand the chest; help diabetes, and improve digestion.

Organs Helped: Liver, spleen, pancreas sluggishness.