Matchless contribution of Ayurveda

The science which is related with the knowledge of Ayush (Age) is called 'Ayurveda'. By practicing the things discussed there in that science, one can live a lengthy life. It is said in Ayurveda by our ancient sages. There is no other science in the medical field to analyse with such depth and perfection about lengthy life, abstinance, virtue, old age preventive chemicals and preventive medicines for disease and ominous science. Ayurveda is not at all a simple medical science. It is a self - complete science.

Maharshi Caraka defined clearly 'What is Ayurveda? and What  its main objective is ! The main objective of Ayurveda is to sustain good health in a healthy person and to cure the illness of a sick person. The eternity of Ayurveda is called as 'Upaveda' i.e, sub-veda. In the beginning of creation prajapati Brahman composed some characteristic verses for the welfare of mankind. Ayurveda belongs to ancient times like Vedas, which are eternal and traditionary. In the primitive times, man used to live upto four hundred years. His body used to be healthy and strong.

Times passed by. Iniquity and cruelty prevailed everywhere.  Age, health and strength were deteriorated by our lifestyle to that extent also! Maharshi Caraka prescribed magnificant process of Aacaara Rasaayana i.e. conduct code to get a longevity of life and sustained health !

Actually, this rasaayanaa is neither a chemical nor a tonic ! It is a process of keeping regularity in doing things in day to day life. Maharshi Caraka's definition about 'Aacaara Rasaayana' follows -'One who is honest, knows no anger, non-drinker, bachelor, calm, non-violent, has effortlessness in doing things,  peaceful, soft spoken, ever engaged in chanting and adoration for holiness, patience, having interest in giving donations, an ascetic, who is engaged to show hospitality towards gods, cows, gurus and acaryaas, ever benevolent, kindness towards all creatures, whose awakening and sleeping states are being maintained in accordance with the nature, who takes ghee and milk daily, who knows the effect of place and time and act skillfully, who loses his ego, whose behaviour is harmonious with science, who is generous-natured, whose mind, wit and thoughts are inclined towards spirituality, who is a theist, who wins over senses, who follows the scriptures is said to be the follower of Aacaara Rasaayana, and he would have the virtuous result of his good behaviour.'

Today the situation is chaotic. Everybody is carrying his own bag of misery, sorrow, oddities and serious problems. And man has left all the practices by which he can get peace and happiness. Everywhere we may see 'work anxiety, Impatience and selfishness.

Modern physicians have told in strong words that this type of life style ends only with effecting heart, mind, kidney, adrenal, pancreas, blood vessesls , digestive system. So many professionals, Industrialists, doctors , servants who are being exploited by the masters, floods, famines, drought -effected farmers, are demanding the lives of persons through the problems like Blood pressure, Heart weakness, T.B., Diabetes, Brain disability. In Ayurveda and in Indian literature, it is told about 'Manas samadhi' (mental peace), has got a lot of appraisal at various places.

Maharshi Charaka said here. In this world (Presently) and after this birth and after repeted birth also, not only that  (Solvation) in emancipation (Apavarga) also, if a creature attains any benediction.