Make 21st century the Yoga century

Humanity can progress only by developing spiritually through Yoga. A merger between spiritualism and the idea of human development will bring welfare to the world.

Vedic culture is the oldest civilization in the world. Yoga in one word defines India, religion, philosophy, spirituality and culture. Every aspect of Indian vedic culture is scientific, universal and divine. Veda is not only the origin of the highest ideals, human values and dignity, and religious education but also the highest attainment of scientific knowledge.
Yoga's origin is also Veda. Vedic Yoga went through various experiments based on several discoveries, scientific research, experiential truths and principles. Maharishi Patanjali and Nath tradition contributed a great deal in developing Yoga. Eighteen chapters of the Gita of the God Krishna's, right from Vishad Yoga to Moksha to Sanyas Yoga are the Yoga itself.

One aspect of Yoga is philosophic, psychological and spiritual. The other aspect is practical with wider application. The former is intrinsic Yoga and the latter is external Yoga. The research done so far on Yoga is around its practical aspect that is essential for the welfare of the humanity. Indian culture balances the two extremes of materiality and spirituality. Our culture never glorified poverty as religion or spirituality and never allowed baseless logic, truth, fact and evidence to find a place in it.

Yoga carries solutions for all the afflictions of humanity and the whole world, whether they are physical or mental ailments, developmental- issues like violence, addiction, lust or any other struggle. At present the society is busy researching and developing new medications and variety of arsenals. The economic greed for huge market of selling medicines and weapons is responsible for it and we just need them to research and develop Yoga.

Researches carried out on Yoga has been adopted as the principles of lifestyle, medicine and meditation.  For its wider potential, we need to carry out more clinical trials and to research on other beneficial aspects of Yoga beyond and besides its therapeutic one.  We have to bring Yoga and industry in tune to raise the productivity, creativity, positivity, qualitative and quantitative level. Other aspects like Yoga Vs spiritual management, Yoga vis-a-vis social and family harmony, Yoga against moral value system and its influence on youth have to be looked into. How do we take Yoga and education to children together with basic spiritual values and to protect them from various harmful influences? Whole world be free from diseases and violence and will take its path on the ideals of peace and progress. It would be heaven then where everyone would be secure, peaceful and progressive.

International conference on Yoga is one such initiative and I believe all the representatives are new avatars of our past Rishis as earlier Rishis were called scientists. Let us unite, to put our great efforts to develop Yoga, and exchange knowledge and thoughts, so that this 21st century be called 'Yoga Century' and the whole world benefits from the merger of spirituality and the idea of human development.