Mahasudarshana Churna Benefits

Benefits of Mahasudarshana Churna

Fever : Mahasudarshana clears inflammatory toxins from the body via the skin and urine. It directly clears heat from the system that has built up due to a displaced agni circulating in the plasma and blood. The low agni commonly causes ama block-ing the channels of circulation (srotas) and hence obstructing the circulation of vata causing some of the prodromal symptoms of fever. It neutralises viral infections by enhancing immunity and detoxifying the acidic burden. It is a specific for influenza, acute phases of myalgic encephalo-myelitis (ME) and the Epstein–Barr virus manifest-ing with sore throat, high temperature, thirst, constipation and burning sensations.

Lymph : Its detoxifying and diuretic action reduces lymphatic swelling and congestion. Long term chronic low immunity can cause swollen lymph glands and mahasudarshana churna treats both the cause and the manifestation of this problem.

Liver : This bitter-tasting formula stimulates the liver to release bile. The excess heat is cleared from the hepatic system and ranjaka pitta. It can help to treat hypochondrial pain, gallstones and liver toxicity. By treating the liver it clears heat from alocaka pitta in the eyes and can be used to treat conjunctivitis and styes. Pitta headaches that manifest with pain behind the eyes, at the side of the head, on the temples and in the forehead are also treated with mahasudarshana churna.

Skin : Its alterative effects clear inflammatory pitta toxins from the blood helping to treat acne, eczema and sensations of burning on the skin. It can also be used where there is an allergic component such as in urticaria with itching and red inflamed weals.