Live a Balanced Life Free From Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease in the modern times and it is seen in any age and at any stage. The peculiarity of this disease is, it tantalizes patient and by and by and at last it takes his life.

What is Cancer

Our body is made up of innumerable cells of different kinds. These cells increase according to the needs of the body under its control. But Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. When Tumor or Cancer is formed in a body swelling of Nodule of a Non-Healing Ulcer appears. There is a large time gap between the first stage of this disease and the appearance of its characteristics. This duration is highly significant considering the treatment for it. If it is traced out at an early stage, this is a curable disease like all benign diseases.

Secondary Cancer (Metastasis)
Because the cancer cells grow whimsically (Hyperplasia), they face a serious problem of Food supply. So some Cancer cells would go in internal ways of the different body parts like Liver, Lungs and Bones where they find some better feeding. And this type of cancer is called Secondary Cancer or Metastasis

If the cancer is restricted to the place of its origin, it is controllable. If the growth of the cancer cells is high then it automatically spreads out. This is a malignant disease.

Tips for general health care should be followed. Generally, the nature of the body. Is to be healthy. If we do harm to our body knowingly or unknowingly, then that results in dreadful diseases. In Ayurveda, it is said - 'Ayukta Ahara viharena vyadhinaam janitaa', which means improper diet and life style are the reasons of a disease. Cancer is also not exempted from the list. There are some reasons of cancer which are given below -
  1. The use of Tobacco :-  Smoking leads to lung cancer, Throat cancer , Mouth cancer, Etc.
  2. Chewing of tobacco cause for Cheek cancer, Oral cavity (mouth) cancer and Esophagus.
  3. Alcoholism - According to a France Cancer specialist Dr. Moris Tubiana, if these two addictions are controlled Cancer would cease to be exist, because these two bad habits are the route cause of Cancer.
  4. Fries using ghee or oil or having junk foods.
  5. Using much spicy food
  6. Non-vegetarian food causes Colon cancer.
  7. Artificial colours and aromatic edible foodstuff and beverages
  8. Pollution - Air pollution causes lung cancer.
  9. Uncleanliness - Filthy atmosphere causes cancer in oral cavity, genital cancer and Ano-Rectal cancer. 
And apart from these cancer has so many known and unknown reasons.

Cancer may attack at any age of life. Generally it is seen in youth and old-aged people. In fact this disease has its foundation in the childhood. It appears in Youth or in Old age. This disease take much time to have a control on body. That is why this disease can be prevented in the childhood only. Here are some tips of prevention.

Don't use tobacco

  1. Don't use tobacco. Don't eat or smoke.  Keep yourself distant from smokers.
  2. Don't take liquor.
  3. Don't chew pan masala.
  4. Don't take much fried food which is made up of ghee and oil. Don't use much heat while you cook.
  5. Don't take non-vegetarian food.
  6. Use very less quantity of artificial colours and aromatic substances.
  7. Maintain Neatness. It is said - 'Bahyabhyantarah shuchi'. 
  8. Save yourself from pollution.
  9. Don't spread pollution or don't live in such conditions.
  10. Use Fibreous food abundantly. Take fresh fruits, vegetables, use aata with husk to prepare roti, less refined rice, Dal with testa.
  11. Use vitamin -A and Carotene in meals. These elements are found in some vegetables and fruits like Carot, Mango, Papaya etc.
  12. Your meal should be rich with vitamin - C. You may use Aamla (Emblic Myrobalan), Guava,  Orange also for it.
  13. Antioxidants like Vitamin - E and Seleniyam are useful. This is also useful in cancer disease.
  14. Maintain regularity in taking food, doing exercises, yogasanas and meditation. Cancer may be curable also. Live a balanced life , a cancer-free life.
  15. If  Cancer is severe the limb would be removed through operation.