Lipstick or lead stick

Beautiful pink, ripe and pulpy lips are seen as the centre of attraction in the personality of a woman. A slight contraction or expansion in the muscles of lips reflects different expressions on the face of a lady. Sometimes such changes reflect erotic expressions; sometimes they reflect hatred and jealousness. Expressions of lips also reflect pride and depression. For a child, a mother conveys love and affection by changing expressions of her lips.

Our poets have composed superb songs and poetries in admiration of the beauty of lips. Expression of love and affections are not possible without kissing. A woman always tries to look beautiful. She always cherishes a dream to be a centre of attraction for everyone. For this she uses various cosmetic products. If you are a lady and use beauty products, just think twice before using a lipstick… just be sure that your lipstick doesn't contain deadly chemicals like lead. Certain researches have revealed that your lipsticks also contain blood of animals besides lead.

Laboratory researches by some institutes revealed shocking facts
Since ancient time, artificial colours are used for making lips appear beautiful. Natural colours were used in the beginning, but later ready made lip-sticks, lip-glows, lip pencils came in practice. Today, lipstick is the cosmetic product which is used the most by women. They never forget to carry a lipstick in their purse. But is the lipstick safe for your health? Have you ever cared of the fact that your lipstick might contain deadly chemical like lead. In 2007, a US based organization 'Campaign for Cosmetic' conducted an impartial laboratory test of 33 international lipsticks brands. The result was astonishing. A high amount of lead was found in the products of most of the brands. For the next two years, consumers and USA senators pressed FDA. Later FDA agreed to conducting research and make its findings public. Its report also revealed the similar results and found that huge amount of lead is present in most of the products. But no effective step was taken to ensure the safety of consumers. Consumer Education and research society of Ahmedabad also conducted laboratory test of 43 brands of lipsticks produced by 19 companies in India. It was found that all brands contained lead. The lipstick which costs Rs 10 in the market contained 2-17 PPM lead while those which cost Rs 100 and more contained 11-23 PPM lead. The lipstick product which has long durability contained higher amount of lead.

Conduct a test before use
There is a simple method to know about the presence of lead in your lipstick. Take a bit of lipstick on your palm and rub it with your golden ring for some time. If its colour changes and it becomes black, it is an indication of the presence of lead in your lipstick.

Presence of lead in the lipstick is hazardous for the health of the user
Scientists have not yet made it clear that which amount of lipstick is safe for a lipstick user. If a lady uses lipstick many times in a day, the lead present in it keeps accumulating in her body. A woman unwillingly eats about two kilograms of lipstick in her life if she regularly uses lipstick. Lead is very dangerous for our artery system. It reduces the mental abilities of a woman. It reduces the memory power and IQ of a woman. It badly affects the nervous system which enhances irritation in a lady. Lead also badly affects the menstruation cycle of a lady and can make her impotent. It can be responsible for miscarriage of pregnant leady. Lead can also badly affect a man and can make him impotent. During pregnancy, the lead present in the body of a mother somehow diffuses in the blood of the unborn child. It can cause dangerous deformities in the child after birth. Lead is responsible for weakening our immune system and in many cases it has been found that it is responsible for deadly diseases like cancer.

I am giving you the tips to keep your lips healthy and beautiful by applying natural methods. I believe that hemoglobin present in our blood is sufficient to make one's lips look beautiful. Hemoglobin which is made of iron keeps every part of our body bright, glowing, healthy and energetic. To maintain a good level of hemoglobin in your body you should regularly eat fresh green vegetables, fresh and juicy fruits and protein rich diet.

Just apply following methods to keep your lips beautiful and healthy.

Take 4-5 petals of rose, mash them and extract the juice and apply on your lips just two or three times a day. It will keep your lips soft and beautiful. You can prepare a milk cream by adding milk cream in the juice of rose petals. Just apply this preparation on your lips for 20 minutes and wash it with water and see the results. It will make your lips very bright and glowing. The same way you can apply juice 4-5 times every day on your lips and wash it after 20 minutes. It will give you a glowing beauty. You can apply olive oil, clove oil or ghee on your lips. It will also make your lips soft and shining. It is also useful in healing the wounds and cracks on your lips. To keep your lips soft and shining you can also apply a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice or honey added with sugar. Let us also use Ayurvedic and natural methods for our health and beauty.