Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose)

Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose)


A) Cross the legs and sit on the ankles, pressing them firmly on the anus. Keep the knees as close together as comfortable. Toes point outward to-wards the sides.

B) Sit up straight; palms rest on their respective knees.

C) The body is balanced; weight is on the ankles, heels, and sides of feet.

Kurmasana Benefits: This pose straightens the curvature of the spine. The ankles or heels press the anus, closing the vajra nadi, preventing kundalini energy from escaping. This pose is useful for both celibates and family members. It channels sexual energy to the higher chakras; it also regulates the sex glands, as well as the reproductive and excretory organs.

Organs Helped: Reproductive, excretory, visceral organs (nadis in the side of the feet are stimulated - i.e., thorax, abdomen, heart, liver, intestines, and kidneys).