Key to Health - Life filled with Yoga

Presently most of the people are suffering from ailments as our life style, dwelling habits, dietary habits and our thought process, almost everything is completely unnatural. We all have forgotten our old life style and philosophy behind it. Since ages hermits have advised to practice yoga as it not only keeps our mind and body sane but also guides us to the light of god. Our revered hermits have written many a precious books on Patanjali Yogshashtra, Hathyog, Ashtang Yog Sutra for the materialistic, physical and spiritual progression.

At present Swami Ramdev ji expanded yoga by taking it to common men. He showed us all to incorporate in our daily life style to achieve complete health.
Sound mental condition is necessary to have complete physical health. As a healthy and sane person with enough life energy only could keep his character and virtue sane. Weak And unhealthy person can't even defend himself, how would they defend ideals and principles.

So, great health is a necessary factor for a person, society, country and world. Courage, willpower, chivalry and power are reflected in anyone with great health and opposite to it a person with weak health would display dependence, cowardice, despair and laziness. An insane mind on the other hand displays mental imbalance, anger, pain and angst. To Achieve mental saneness yoga is the only easily available medium. By following yoga anyone could help humanity. At present no one is happy with the stress and fast  life style. People indulge in various intoxicating substances to cool off their minds resulting in ailments.

To achieve a healthy and happy life we need to adopt yoga. Some people term exercise as best and believe only exercise is the key to perfect health. In reality yoga instead of exercise could lead us to a sane mental and physical health. Yoga awakens our inter-consciousness and living powers and here it is to be cleared that our living force or power only keeps us healthy and sane. Yoga keeps our internal organic structure and various glands in place which work nicely to allow us to live longer. In this way different yoga postures keep our internal organs in shape which could never be achieved with exercise alone. Yoga increases our life forces and immunity along with keeping our organs healthy. Whereas exercise only maintain and develop our muscles. Yoga could be practiced at any age but exercises vary with age and could not be done in extreme old age. Tissues lose their longevity with exercises and many exercises raise the heartbeat and cause breathlessness as they take up energies while yoga does not only retains the energy but also increases it. Yoga and pranayam empowers heart and many other important organs and practicing yoga makes us more human and on the opposite end exercises make us rampant and impatient.

Exercise requires hard work to an extent in order to build muscles. Wherein, yoga terminates impatience and anger. For an example if you would do pranayam for one day you would observe that you would not get angry that day even in extreme condition. Yoga stops impulses and fierceness and in their place raises creativity and brings along a change in nature by turning us into calm and benign personalities. We do not experience hardship but brings happiness along with it also opens ourselves for reaching to god. Reaching to god is the ultimate happiness and thus yoga leads you to ultimate happiness. It is such a precious knowledge which improves not our lives bur post lives also. Yoga is a blessing of our revered culture and philosophies. Swami ji brought life back to what we have already forgotten.