Kanchanar Guggulu Benefits

Benefits of Divya Kanchnar Guggulu

Growths : Kanchanar guggulu is a specific for clearing all growths and fluid-based accumulations in the body. It specifically reduces swellings and lumps (soft/hard/palpable/fixed/moveable) by drying the excess kapha. It is a favoured formula used in cancer caused by excess kapha. Also consider it in anal fistulas, abscesses and chronic skin lesions.

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Thyroid It is also a specific herb for hypo and hyperthyroid. It has a balancing activity on thyroxine production; increasing any deficient production and decreasing any excess. It also clears swellings in the neck and goitre.

Lymph : It is a specific herb for swollen lymph nodes, cervical adenitis, scrofula, Hodgkin’s disease and swollen glands in general. When medas-dhatu-agni becomes deficient and kapha becomes aggravated then lymphatic accumulations and growths can occur. It effectively flushes the lymphatic system of toxins, sluggishness and accumulated wastes. It may also be beneficial as a decongestant where the sinuses are blocked because of a sluggish lymphatic system.

Gynaecology : Used for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, and vaginal discharge. It is a fantastic remedy for treating endometriosis as the kanchanar astringes the bleeding while the other ingredients scrape and eliminate the adhesions.

Skin In inflammatory skin disorders with oozing this is a very effective formula. When toxins are obstructing the deeper tissues of medas-dhatu and the fat tissue then kanchanar guggulu is the appropriate formula.

Obesity When there are signs of excess weight with a sluggish lymphatic system and high cholesterol, kanchanar guggulu is indicated.