India's Existing Educational System - Challenges and Solutions

Everyone knows that our homes also offer many things for our indulgences. There is internal bickering in the houses as well. Children can not remain isolated from the influences of such bickering. Children also enjoy such indulgences, which they can do without but they become a victim of such indulgences.

Sexual passion is something that victimizes everybody, but there has not been any way out given to the students to deal with it, like it was told to deal with through a concept of celibacy. So children, due to co-education system among genders, concede to temptation in the least possible conducive atmosphere.

Those parents, who do not keep a watch on their children, they become a victim of Television and Videos. An innocent child gets to know all such things, which he or she is not supposed to see and listen. So, these children start seeking pleasure in these activities, at the expense of time that can be spent on their studies.

In such an environment, love for nature can not be developed because; these children never come into contact with such natural environment. Living in concrete jungles, children can not develop sensitivity to the nature.

This kind of cultural defilement is a sort of a fault in the education system as far as Indian value system is concerned. They are left untouched by the emotions like sacrifice, aus-terity, celibacy and spirituality, so they tend to entertain thoughts of suicide in ordinary adversities. Lack of tolerance becomes the chief casualty in their personalities. Due to that reason only, despite having bright future financially, students of IITs and IIMs commit suicide. At some places, due to hatred and jealously, they commit heinous crimes against their compatriots. Such acts have been witnessed in developed countries like Germany and the US. On 11th March, 2009, in Germany's Albertville school, a seventeen years old boy killed 15 people including three teachers and 9 girls. Such viloence at that tender age is dangerous to the society. These inclinations to violence can only be pacified by inculcating moral values among students.

Thousands of students pass out from colleges and universities, but every one of them is confining themselves to their cocoon only. None of them hold any dedication or generosity for their parents, family, society and the country. The reason behind such indifference is lack of respect, harmony, concern for feelings and compassion. In schools, there is strong emphasis on imparting knowledge in Maths, Science, History and other subjects. Most of the time spent by students is away from schools in the pleasures of life, playing on the streets or watching TV and playing video games or chatting on the Net. The art of living life is lost in all these activities. Contrary to such negative emotions, meritorious emotions are to be engendered, which are ingrained in spirituality. They can only be taught through impeccable conduct, but there is no time for such education in the current education system.

Learning any language cultivates human emotions; a new surge of thought is brought on; but in the current education system, even that is lacking as language is emphasized as a medium to education of other subjects only. So the new generation is approaching towards a vacuum in emotions. So, talks of mercy, truthfulness and selflessness are becoming a thing of the past. Nobody takes pride in their own language and culture. That is the reason that a student studying in public school can not even write in pure Hindi. A scientific language like Sanskrit is disliked by the students.

Sexual passion is something that victimizes everybody, but there has not been any way out given to the students to deal with it, like it was told to deal with through a concept of celibacy. So children, due to co-education system among genders, concede to temptation in the least possible conducive atmosphere. Some of them survive due to the India social values but others fall deep into it. On the other hand, look at the developed countries, where one hardly finds any girl aged 16 not having gone through an abortion. Same impact is being witnessed in the metropolitan cities in India. This is the result of not imparting a place to Indian culture in our education system.

In the current milieu, you would hardly find a house, which remains unaffected by the defilements or so-called virus in Indian culture - like passion, anger, greed, illusion, hatred and jealously. Since these defilements have been haunting humans for many lifetimes, they do not take time to manifest in children as well. That is how they cause obstruction in their education and their potential remains under utilised.

Non-violence, Truth, Celibacy, Renunciation and faith Called Yam and Patience, Asceticism, Self-aggrandizement, Mental Cleanliness and dedication to God called Niyam control the six faculties of humans. But in the modern education, nobody talks about them. So humans are chasing materiality like an unbridled horse. Despite knowing that everything will be left here, they are competing for committing immoral acts.

Several other evils can also be mentioned in the current education system, which have brought us to the point, where means have become the objectives themselves. All over the world, there has been a rat-race among educational institutions and that is the reason humans have started their material quest. Having attained education by any means, they are weltering in corruption and immoral acts. Had it been possible to attain peace through money, then rich of the world would never have had to face discontent. But, current educational system is pivoted on things, which are not the means to inner peace. In the current milieu, considering the social inequalities, the question arises, whether the existing education system is appropriate?

Anybody would say no to the question and would talk of reforms. In an article written by Rajya Sabha Member, Rajeev Shukla, in a daily Dainik Jagran, existing education system devel-oped by Macaulay has been termed as outdated and he has stressed on to bring a change in it.

An alternative to this defiled form of education system Indian Ashram system is the only alternative to the above mentioned defiled education system. This Ashram system continued to flourish since the time of Vedas and Shastras till the time of Ramayan and it diminished in the times of Mahabharata and has disappeared since. This is the same system, which great educationist Dayanand tried to establish through his precepts and literature. By his inspiration only, several Gurukuls adopted Ashram system and these are still thriving and getting wider recognition with minuscule resources at their disposal. Primarily these institutions are engaged into teaching and learning Sanskrit literature. If we happen to merge this education with the current subjects of science and others, then this combination will be the best among all. Since these institutions are located away from the hustle-bustle of cities and towns, they are devoid of cultural defilements. And these are engaged in driving out that defilement away from human mind. They are successful to a great extent, because they are inculcating the art of living, which strengthens human's inner-self, besides ensuring physical and mental development. Because of these qualities, Gurukul Kangdi University, which happens to be the Swami Shradhanand's karma bhumi also, has been able to attain international recognition. If one wants to see closely the successfully running Ashram system, then one can check boy's Gurukul Prabhat of Meerut bringing name and fame to the country in archery in Olympics. One can check Gurukul Chotipura, Amroha which have been running with out any aid from the government, and they are the torchbearers of Indian culture. There has been highest number of students from these institutions clearing NET/JRF exam of Sanskrit, conducted by UGC. Last year six girls cleared this exam and five of them were offered JRF. High rate of success from one institute is a sort of evidence to the feasibility of Ashram system. What we mean to say is that there are several Gurukul institutions, which are providing ancient education with full dedication and healthy intent. If these institutions are given government aid then latest scientific developments can be provided a new dimension. With a small efforts there, a new height can be attained there.