How to protect the health of mother and child

Becoming a mother gives a new life to a woman. This is the creation of a new life. At such a time the woman should take health precautions along with right dietary plan which could give the proper nutrition to the mother and her baby both.

How to stay healthy during pregnancy?

The most important time in the life of a woman is during pregnancy. A pregnant woman has to cover many obstacles and during the birth has to bear excess pain to give birth to her child. She could stay healthy during her pregnancy by taking care of some necessary things. The health related knowledge should be shared along with the pregnant women and her immediate family.

Normal Symptoms of pregnancy - 

[1] Missing a period
[2] Nausea and vomiting,
[3] Tenderness of the breasts
[4] Changes in taste and smell and
[5] Frequent Urinating

Projecting Delivery Date from the Menstrual Period:

The day of delivery or labor is just a projection or merely an estimate. It is not important that the baby would be delivered on this exact date. Normally the delivery time is from 270-290 days after the last menstrual period.

How to stay safe from the stress of pregnancy?

If the pregnant woman is under any form of mental stress then it directly affects the health of the unborn child. Famous Psychiatrist Leni Swati has written in her best seller book 'World of the unborn' that, 'the most important time in the life of a human is the time actually before its birth.' The baby in the womb is a conscious living being and its unconscious mind keeps the memories of this time intact in it. Such a baby could easily assimilate the feelings of mother. A pregnant woman should try to stay happy and optimistic for the future of her baby.
The pregnant women should cover her head with a towel and enjoy sunlight everyday for sometime during pregnancy for calcium, phosphorus and vitamin 'D'.

Dietary Plan from the first month to the ninth month after conception

A pregnant woman should indulge in such food which is favourable for her health.

Post Conception
First Month:- The pregnant lady should drink sweet milk every morning and evening, one spoon butter in the breakfast along with one spoon grounded sugar and 2-3 powdered black pepper mixed nicely. After this 2-3 pieces of coconut and 5-10 gm of fennel seeds should be chewed properly.

Second Month:- Everyday 10 gm of asparagus powder and powder sugar should be boiled together in milk and then this milk when still warm be consumed twice daily in morning and at night before sleeping.

Third Month:- Twice daily in the morning and evening chilled milk mixed with one spoon pure ghee along with three spoons of honey be consumed. Also the pregnant lady must start consuming 'Somghrit' which should be continued till the 8th month.

Fourth Month:- Butter along with milk should be consumed.

Fifth Month:- Every morning and evening one spoon of pure ghee should be consumed with milk.

Sixth Month:-  Asparagus powder and powdered sugar should be mixed in the boiling milk and be consumed while the milk is still little warm.

Seventh Month:- Same as sixth month along with consuming 'Somghrit' regularly.

Eighth Month:- Consumption of milk, pure ghee  and 'Somghrit' should be continued. Light dinner in the evening as in this month women experience constipation normally and so liquid should be added into the diet. If the constipation still persists, 1-2 spoons of 'isabgol' could be consumed with milk in the evening.

Ninth Month:- Normal diet should be continued as other months just 'Somghrit' consumption should be stopped completely.

Work that could be done during pregnancy

1]  The pregnant lady should try to stay happy.
2]  The expecting mother should read good literature and should think about high ideals of great people from the history.
3]  Loose fitted clothes should be worn during the pregnancy, tight clothes might affect baby's health and it might lead to some sort of handicap.
4]  The daily life style should be regulated and at regular intervals light food should be consumed.
5]  Should not stay empty stomach for long duration during the pregnancy and light food should be consumed at regular intervals.
6]  If the lady is not feeling well, she should eat sweets in moderate quantities.
7]  Oily food items should be avoided.
8]  Patience must be maintained during the pregnancy and sex should be avoided.
9]  Before consuming any medicines a regular medical practitioner should be consulted.
10] If any deformity is found in the breasts of the pregnant lady then it should immediately be consulted.

Highly strenuous exercises, hard work, jumping should be avoided. Morning and Evening walks are suggested in an open area.
The pregnant lady should go for regular checkups, once every month for the first six months and then onwards every 10-15 days. During the last three month, blood pressure, blood and urine should be tested frequently. 8-10 kg weight gets added on to the mother and if weight gain is going out of control then sweet and oily food should be reduced. Tetanus etc. vaccines should be injected at the right time during the  pregnancy. Expecting mothers following the sacred life style thus could give birth to a healthy, beautiful and best excellent child could be delivered.