How Should be Our food and health

Meal from mouth, breath from nose, and absorbing sun rays through skin, all are intakes for human body. Mother's blood is the food for yet to born baby in womb. When the newly born baby comes on the earth, breast feeding of mother is the food. Now question comes why meal is taken? To quench hunger, to keep body healthy and to gain energy, we all take meal. Besides physical health, mental health also depends widely on meal, we take.

Food should be beneficial for physical and mental health. Food should also be according to the nation, season and period. Fresh meal is beneficial while decayed and rotten is harmful to the body.

Calculated meal is the basis of human health. Many elements are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body and presence of all such elements in a food is possible only in balanced and calculated diet. Proteins, Carbohydrates, minerals, vita-mins, acids, iron are necessary for the proper growth of the body. Water consumption in appropriate quantity is also needed.

The other aspect of meal is mental health. Meal casts deep impact on the action of a human being. Food is responsible for many mental deformations. We shall take that amount of meal, which is necessary for running the body smooth. We shall not take food for taste and tongue. Intoxicants like wine, tea, coffee and other such items are harmful to the health. Food is much necessary as it is the source for our physical and mental energy. Meals cast impact on the human activities. Liquor and other intoxicants damage our alertness. Thus, intoxicants and other drugs should be totally prohibited.

Fresh air is also food for human body. We inhale fresh air from lungs and release carbon-dioxide. Cool breeze in forests, parks is fresh, with adequate quantity of oxygen. Thus, it is helpful for the health. Sun rays are also good food for human being. Thus, it is mandatory that we spend life in pure environment and atmosphere. A person shall live at place where light, air, water, neighbors, purity and social service opportunity are available.

Meal shall be tasteful and beneficial for the health. Fresh meal benefits while decayed and rotten meal is harmful. The intake of food shall be in proper quantity, neither deficit or in excess. Excess consumption of food is like an atrocity on the body and it shall be not more than two or three times a day. It is necessary to have a proper control on diet. Food intake shall be vegetarian. The best food is calculated diet according to the health. Meal shall be chewed properly. It is necessary that intestines should be strong enough.

The quantity of food should be balanced, neither less nor more besides being calculated and adequate. Excess intake of food is atrocity on the stomach and body system. Meals should be taken at regular time and not more than two or three times in a day.

Weak intestines cause problem indigestion. Food should neither too hot nor cold. Tooth and intestine, both are severely affected by cold items. Meal should be taken only when feeling hungry. Mental thought of the cook also casts effects on the meal. Meal prepared by crooked person, brings crookedness among the persons, who consume the meal.

Hence, a person who cooks the meal shall have pure thoughts. Meal gives health and also diseases. It is very necessary to have controlled diet.

There is nothing wrong in saying that even we don't know how to breathe properly. The lone factor of food intake is taste. If we get tasty food, we eat limitless. A person stops eating only when his body and stomach does not allow more food. It casts adverse impact on the digestion, making body and soul ill.

It is seen that spicy items are taken in excess amount only for tongue and taste. Due to uncontrolled diet, probably there is no prosperous person who does not take related medicines.

In any metropolitan, urban, semi-urban or rural areas, lots of medical shops have been opened. Mostly diseases generate from excess food. The two-third part of the intestine should have food and one part water. Rest one part should be kept empty for pure air. Actually we have forgotten the system of food intake and this ignorance is the basic reason behind many physical problems. Taking food is as important as not taking food. In `Shastrs` fast has been widely described, scientifically. Fast is a medicine. Regular fasting does not weaken a person but gives power and energy, which is much needed for physical and mental health. Thus, meals selection and food intake needs total care.