Hindi As A National Language - Swami Ramdev

Swami Ramdevji says that we will get due respect for national language Hindi with other Indian languages like Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bangla and others. It's good to have an understanding of foreign languages but using them as our national  language is sheer shameful. All over the world, not a single country allows the medium of education to be a foreign language. Since higher education in Science, Medicine and Management is not in Hindi or in other regional languages, many students fail to become doctors, engineers and managers.

So many children of labourers, poor families and farmers, despite being meritorious, fail to clear Matriculate exam and are deprived of becoming IAS, doctors or scientists. We will get opportunities for our children in our own languages. We will make available professional education to the children, in their mother tongues like Malyalam, Gujarati, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi, Punjabi, Bangla and other mother tongues.

It's a great shame to democracy, that there happens to be discrimination and injustice on the basis of languages in the field of education. When all forms of educations, from the basic to technical and management, are available in their native languages in Japan, France and Germany, then why the same can not be done in India? Since the time, government allowed to write IAS and IPS examinations in national language, children of labourers, artisans and farmers have started their entry into administrative services. Now on behalf of millions of people, we demand from government, that it should accord equal status to the national language and other native languages. And the government must come out with clear and transparent, short-term and long-term policies with time-bound objectives. How surprising is it that farmers understand native languages but agricultural institutions provide education in English only! So scientists and farmers can not hold a conversation between them. When farmers are Indians and scientists are also Indians then what is the objection on the medium of education being Indian languages? Similarly patients are Indian and doctors are also Indians. Likewise, engineers are also Indians and the place they are supposed to work is in India and for Indians, then what is the objection on the medium of education being Indian language? What a big disappointment is it that government rules in India in Indian languages but our education, medical and other systems run in foreign language English! So, we humbly request to the prime minister that education in Agriculture, Medical and Engineering, from entrance exam, books and students, be provided in national and other regional languages besides English. And this should take effect from academic session 2012 and 2013.

There does not seem to be any problem in finding teachers and translating books in Hindi and other languages. In the interest of the people, only a political will is essential. Mahatama Gandhi had always emphasized that education system must be in native languages and for character building, inculcation of value system is essential. We do not need only educated people but we also need citizens with a strong value system. So an effective education system, which includes Yoga, spirituality and imparting moral values, be developed. Sothat, we can build impeccable characters of our citizens. Otherwise, we can not stop outflow of millions of rupees by our educated people, devoid of any value system.  We should never forget that whatever we have become in life, it's because of our thoughts and value system, whether honest or dishonest, good or evil, successful or unsuccessful and happy or sad.

So there is a desperate need to bring positive changes in our education, which inculcates meritorious thoughts, spirituality, moral and cultural values. It was all part of our ancient education system. During the days of English rule, T B Macaulay conspired to end our education system.

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