Heritage of yoga

Yoga is the highest call of reflection for the global people from India. And it is impossible to envision a successful man and a decent society except through yoga. As the people searching for completeness in family, caste, community, region, country, language and religion etc. could only lead to anarchy.

In reality all this search is the search for self realization and not for peace and calm. All over the world this struggle of self realization is in effect selfish, cunning, misleading and for dominance. Often it is described as a war of religion or virtue for support. Do we not have any other method for social equanimity or harmony? Can we not have one way on which global people could walk? Which does not bring disharmony to a person specific or a nation in whatsoever way? Yes, there is! The way on which the whole world could walk together, with all the freedom, without any fear and all could achieve peace, calm and happiness. It is the way of 'Ashtang Yoga' brought to light by Patanjali. It is not a cult or community but a complete method or system for living life. If the people all over the world seek peace then 'Ashtang Yoga' is the only solution.

The bloody war going around the world could only be brought to an end with 'Ashtang Yoga', as it is a combination of highly assimilated forms of all common living scenarios, meditation, trance and higher consciousness of spirituality. One who wants self realization or the truth of life could follow 'Ashtang Yoga' and obviously it is the most easily available effective way for practical and charitable causes.

It awakens the insight of one who practices yoga which is normally dormant. A man without any insight leads to a way from dalliance to destruction instead of a way from progress to peace and calm. Such a person could not live peacefully in this world and neither move to higher dimensions. Yoga enables one with a vision not just for self but for the whole humanity and its company brings along eternal peace and calm. It makes one feel confident for achieving miraculous feats. The world history is full of such capable personalities who have succeeded in bringing along a peaceful reign in this world full of chaos and anarchy.

All achievements in the field of literature, philosophical, scientific or religion and spirituality have been made possible by the concentrated minds along with hard work. The silence and solitude required to know the spiritual facts in at par with the concentration and consciousness of the scientists behind the ongoing inventions. And these are equivalent to the sages though in a little scientific way. Consciousness and concentration from yoga leads to a monk like stage and a person who is in this state could only work for the betterment of the society and humanity. Such personalities are often termed as visionaries.

Highly revered and priceless work in the Indian literature in the form of ancient texts, 'Aaranyak', 'Upanishad' and 'Jyotish' etc are the fruits borne by such visionaries only. And, this literature directly leads to solutions on any concerns. Yoga empowers the feeling of 'US' rather than 'I' and 'OUR' rather than 'MY' by empowering the reasoning capabilities. It is such a knowledge which is out of any form of debate and an art which gives dexterity in all fields and such a science which confirms all the pleasures even in the absence or resources.