Herbal Preparation - Minerals and Metals (Rasas)

Herbal Preparation and Use - Minerals and Metals (Rasas)

Seven metals are used along with herbs in certain powerful preparations. The 7 metals (gold, silver, brass, copper, lead, tin, and magnetic iron-ore) relate to the 7  dhátus  (tissue layers). These 7 plus 2 additional metals relate to the nine planets: copper/ Sun, silver/Moon, brass/Mars, lead/Mercury, gold/ Jupiter, tin/Venus, steel/Saturn, bronze/Rahu, magnetic iron-ore/Ketu. These metals undergo precise purification processes to remove toxins and make them digestible.

When the metals undergo these alchemical processes they are used for rejuvenation (rasayanas) therapy. For example, therapies for healing amebic parasites include antiparasitical herbs and immune-boosting herbs. Formulas sold in India include kutaj (antiparasitical) and mercury  bhasma  (immune-boosting ash). Bhasmas (metal, mineral, and gem ash) are common to many Ayurvedic products in India. Some of the bhasmas have not yet been approved for use in the U.S. by the FDA. Many European countries, however, allow importation of these bhasmas.

Metals, gems, minerals (mica, red coral, sea shells) are burnt into ash (bhasma) in a very specific process, thereby removing all toxic properties. If these items are improperly prepared, ingesting them can be life-threatening. Even in India, only a few Ayurvedic companies are viewed as reliable manufacturers of bhasmas. So caution is strongly advised when considering the use of certain bhasmas.