Herbal Preparation - Medicated Ghee and Oil (Sneha)

Herbal Preparation and Use - Medicated Ghee and Oil (Sneha)

Oils work primarily on the skin, blood, lungs, and colon; they cannot reach the deeper tissue layers because their heavy nature is difficult for the liver to digest (the colon will have some effect on the nerves, however).

The recipe for sneha is 1 part herb paste to 4 parts ghee or oil to 4 parts of any decoction (or 16 parts water). They are cooked over a low flame for 4 to 8 hours until the water evaporates. When water is sprinkled into the oil or ghee, it will crackle; the preparation is now ready.

When the delicate parts of the plant (i.e., leaf or flower) or aromatic herbs are used they may be directly added to the pre-cooked oil or ghee and left to sit for 24 to 48 hours before they are strained.

Herbs are empowered by this process, providing quick and strong healing or rejuvenation. Snehas are used internally, in the nose, eyes, head, as enemas, and elsewhere. Traditional oil formulas include brahmi ghee, brahmi, mahanarayan, dashmul, anu, mahabhringaraj, triphala ghee, pinda oil, and shad bindu oil.