Herbal Preparation - Extracts

Herbal Preparation and Use - Extracts

Herbal powdered extracts along with or instead of plain herb powders have become the industry standard. Extracts can offer a guaranteed potency of more than 3 to 6 times the power of plain herbs. Giloy Sattwa is a traditional Ayurveda powdered of extract of guduchi. Purified guggul is another common extract. In the U.S., many extracts are now offered including garcinia (tamarind) and turmeric.

There are 2 approaches to extraction. The common method is to take the active ingredients out of the whole herb. Newer methods to extract the whole plant yet guaranteed potency levels have been developed by Zandu Pharmacies of Bombay. This approach is more in line with Ayurvedic thinking because it uses the entire herb. In this method, one receives the properties of whole herb as mother nature has intended.

By only using so-called “active ingredients,” we are assuming that the other ingredients play no role in the healing process when they may actually prevent side effects or direct the healing effects of the herb to its appropriate site. Thus, the whole plant extract retains the integrity of the herb, ensuring safety and efficacy.