Herbal Farming in Madagascar

Madagascar government is ready to provide 20 thousand acres of land to Patanjali Yogpeeth for organic farming of herbal medicines.

Patanjali Yogpeeth has spread yoga and ayurveda on global level. And now Madagascar government has invited Patanjali Yogpeeth to herbal medicinal farming. The Medagascar government has taken this step with Patanjali for organically farming herbal medicines, those on the verge of extinction in India.

Haridwar| The Madagascar representative group met 'Vanaushdhi Pandit' Aacharya Balkrishna ji and honouored him for his meritorious work in the field of ayurveda and have promised to provide 20 thousand acres of land on institutionalized basis for organic farming of herbal medicines. This would be a fresh start in the field of ayurveda.

In the same context aacharya Balkrishna ji said that Madagascar government is impressed with Patanjali Yogpeeth's work in the field of ayurveda and have proposed to produce and promote hundred percent organic herbal medicines. It would help citizens of both the countries, as in India herbal medicines are on the verge of extinction or if available they are not of required quality whereas in Madagascar there is a vast scope of production of 100% pure herbal medicines.

He further stated that in India either the agricultural lands have become arid and sterile due to excessive use of harmful chemical fertilizers or would become soon. This chemical goes into our digestive system and causes severe diseases like cancer, diabetes, Heart and liver related problems, high blood pressure and obesity. Considering this we would produce 100% organic herbal medicines in Madagascar. This would provide an opportunity to the citizens of Madagascar for obtaining organic food grains and herbs and we would either get medicines prepared there or could import raw herbal medicines to prepare medicines at Patanjali in India. This is a golden opportunity for Patanjali and India.