Growing I.V.F (In Vitro Fertilisation) Market

In the old times people used to hesitate in getting treated for infertility but now couples are openly demanding I.V.F (In Vitro Fertilisation). In this technique childless couples are treated by procuring egg from the women with the help of medicines and hormones and by fertilizing it with the help of sperm from men and then planting it in the uterus. For this cycle to performed once it costs from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh.
These day's infertility centers or test tube baby centers are spreading like business industry meeting its demand. It came to knowledge via an important statement that one out of five couples in cities is childless or they have adopted some medical treatment to conceive. As per the Indian population census after 1981 infertility had raised by 50% and sterility is the main reason behind it and not that couples don't want it. On one side the rising Indian population is a grave concern and on the other hand the rise in infertility in the youth is spreading silently. On the basis of science a woman is termed sterile or infertile if she could not conceive even after actively trying to conceive without using any birth control measure for one year, now this time period has been raised to two years by W.H.O. Any of the gender from a couple could be the reason behind infertility and one third of the cases are due to the man being infertile. The important reason behind it is the decreasing sperm count and their maybe some other medical reasons behind it.

But the present environment is also responsible for it. Excessive junk food, smoking, alcohol, narcotic consumption, electromagnetic radiation, insomnia, pollution and mental stress are also the biggest reason for it. It has been found in analysis of the reports on sperm counts of men that their count is directly proportional to the mental stress in their day today lives. It clearly signifies that With the rise in mental stress the sperm count goes for a toss. Similarly in women there are many reasons for infertility like issues in the fallopian tube, hormonal imbalance, infections, fibroid, genital T.B. and ovarian cyst. But one of the main reasons which we do not accept so easily is the right time to deliver a baby. Usually by the age of 37 in women the quality and count of egg get reduced by 90%. And in the present time literate, independent and career oriented women who strive for a better position in their life and society avert from getting married or giving birth. And by the time they decide to conceive their physical or biological capability do not support their decision, so they have to consult the experts across infertility centers.

Mental stress or the environmental obstacles in conceiving could be tackled by adopting yoga and pranayam. Thousands of childless couples have benefited by following pranayam as suggested by Swami Ramdev ji. Apart from this, men with reduced sperm counts have benefited from using 2 tablets each of 'Yavanamrit Vati', 'Divya Chandraprabha Vati' and 1-2 drops with milk of 'Divya Shilajit' along with pranayam. Sterile women should consume 1-1 gram powder of 'divya Shivlingi beej - 100 gms) and 'putrajivak giri - 100 gms' with milk of mulching cow having a calf daily early morning before eating anything. 1-1 spoon of 'Fal ghrit' with cow milk or 2 tablets each of 'divya stri rasayan vati' and 'Divya Chandraprabha Vati' twice a day is also suggested to some. Regular consumption of these ayurvedic medicines along with pranayam helps in these cases. It is matter of consideration that how many suffering couple could bear the expenditure at these infertility centers along with the mental upheavals of consuming hundreds of hormonal concoctions.