Got rid off many diseases by Pranayam

Venerable Swami Ramdevji
Namaskar with utmost respect,
Maharaj, I fell ill with cough, cold and Typhoid. I felt so weak that if I tried to stand up, I used to feel dizziness and within a month, I felt indifferent towards life. Doctors diagnosed this as infection in lungs and prescribed long-drawn treatment. Then, one fine day I heard you saying yoga - pranayam can treat all diseases and one can live healthy life. I decided eradicate all my ailments by your prescription.

I started practicing pranayam and some yogaasan, recommended by you, regularly and within a few days I started feeling better and after fifteen days I stopped taking all the medicines. After a month I was fully cured and I continued to practice these exercises and then some divinely benefits began to show off. My weight, which used to be around 48 Kg, increased by 9.5 Kg. While reading newspapers I used feel dizzy after 5 minutes that also vanished. I used to have infections in my eyes that also got cured. I got addicted to tobacco and its powder in 1982 and by January 2005, I had quit all this. On top of all this, I began to work in my office with more energy and confidence. Grey hair began to get black again. I also got so many other un-manifested benefits.

Since 2008, I am associated with Patanjali Yoga Samiti and I got trained in Haridwar with the inspiration to teach people. So far, I have reached as many as 1000 people and got them trained as well.

Truly your's
Basant Kumar Soni,
BDR, 17/10, Judicial Colony,
Old Civil Lines, Bara(Rajasthan)