Excellent Diet necessary fatty acids

Necessary fatty acids are the natural boons to us. Dr. Yohana Budwig has achieved remarkable success using necessary fatty acids in treating cancer, in his book - 'Flax Oil - A true aid against Arthritis, Heart Infections, Cancer and other diseases) has written that consuming necessary fatty acids in our diets keeps our cells full of active electrons.

Our modern food consists of enough saturated and Trans fat. They adversely affect the unsaturated fatty acids electron charges in our cells and thus reduces the ability to attract and store the photons in sunlight. Famous Quantum Physicist Deysaur has said that if we could increase the number of solar photons in human body by ten folds we could live upto 10,000 years.

Budwig has termed the attractive relation between the solar photons and electrons present in human body in reference to the quantum physics as the solemnization of Sun and Moon. Light is the fastest travelling medium and as per quantum physics the smallest atom of solar rays is termed as photon, which are uncountable, eternal, active, powerful and mobile. These could not be obstructed as being the most refined form of energy. They have all the colors of universe and they could change their color, nature and form.

When two photons are pulsating at the same frequency they form an atom of light and on breaking again they become photons and so they keep changing forms from rays to photons or vice-versa.

Electrons are found in an atom and rotate around the nucleus of an element in their defined classes, always in momentum. The magnetic field of electron attracts the photon towards itself. Whenever and electronic particle moves it generates a magnetic field which further resonates and attracts the opposite poles. Photons bring along with them a lot of energy and thus get attracted towards the electrons and thus flows immense solar energy as the electrons keep moving and so does the photon with them. This enables a flow of high energy and it is very important from the perspective of bio mechanics, physics and philosophical context.

We all love sun and this is not a coincidence that our movement are in complete tandem with sun. We absorb a lot of solar energy during this time and quantum scientists confirms this that we humans carry the maximum number of photons in our bodies and this increases many fold when we consume unsaturated fatty acids as electrons found in them further attracts the photons.

Many oil seeds contain enough unsaturated fatty acids which are in harmony with sun but many multinational institutions refine them to a higher extent in order to increase their shelf life makes them saturated. This process of hydrogenation dilapidate the necessary, energetic electrons.

When the sun rays fall on plants and trees they absorb the sun light and break it through photosynthesis which further helps in electron flow in them. This electron flow and water in plants generates a magnetic field and when we pass through dense vegetation this magnetic field fills the solar photons present in our bodies with electronic charge which further charge the unsaturated fat based in the outer layers of our red blood cells. And with every pulse lymph blood flows through this immense unsaturated fat containing lymphatic system. This helps in increasing the electronic charge and contraction of the heart.

The process of transmission of electronic charges and its amplification continues in our body. Pulses are cylindrical with many layers of Gangila and there is a difference in the electronic charge in between a pulse and Dandride and so in these magnetic fields intense electromagnetic waves continues to emit. Only those could use it whose frequency is in tune with them. Telepathy and Hypnotics are based on these principles.

In the physical sciences, existence of human and antihuman is speculated. Humans have enough storage of photons which progresses one towards future and are full of solar energy. Anti-humans on the opposite end lack the solar energy as it does not have enough electrons in them to harmonize with the solar photons and so it keeps moving towards past or degeneration. As per physics and mathematics x-rays, atom bomb or cobalt radiation is dangerous for human health as it kills the active and living electrons and makes it antihuman. As per the theory of relativity of Life line and modern physics time and this universe is based on one equation. Anti-human treads toward past. The active solar photons and electrons through their inter relation completes the various cellular life cycles and so the human progress towards future.

In the above context, describing food is an interesting subject. The unsaturated fat present in our food are full of electrons which attracts the life giving oxygen towards them. But the oil and fat producing companies in order to increase their shelf life hydrogenate them, which reduces the electron count in them. These fats take a human towards past and thus makes him anti human. They obstruct the electronic flow in the body and deactivate many a life supporting processes in the body. And so these fats are either termed as dead or plastic fats. The food whose electronic wealth has been destroyed makes us anti human. Hydrogenated fats come in this category and on the other hand electron rich, unsaturated fatty acids and tasty fruits increase the absorption and assimilation of solar energy in our body thus raising its importance.

When a patient rests in sun, he feels a new energy in them and these days we are observing people getting heart attacks under sunlight. We could feel the effects of sun light on the human organs like liver, pancreas and bladder. But if the physique lacks in live electrons and unsaturated fatty acids, we would observe adverse effect of sunlight on these organs.

The organs thus affected adversely starts drying up. Doctors suggest the cancer patients to stay away from direct sunlight but on starting the unsaturated fat rich diets suggested by Dr. Budwig, such patients likes to sit in the sunlight.

Power of life and alpha linolenic acid (A.L.A):
Dr. Budwig has deeply researched and studied the formation of linolic and linolenic acid and presented the world with the mutual attraction in between solar photons, electrons and necessary unsaturated fatty acids. Plants and trees have some enzymes which locks the fatty acids with double carbon bonding just after the carbon key whereas in humans enzymes could only apply this double bond after the sixth carbon only. Fatty acids having more than one double bond are termed as polyunsaturated fatty acid. In A.L.A 18 Carbon atoms are connected in a series, on one end it has methyl group associated with it which is also known as omega end and the other end called as delta end has carboxyl group. A.L.A has a triple double bonding of carbon after every third carbon and so this is also called as Omega 3 Fatty acid or (N3). L.A has 18 carbon atoms and double bonding of omega from one end appears after 6th and 9th carbon atom and as the first double bond is after the 6th carbon atom, it is also called as Omega 6 Fatty Acid or (N6).

In the A.L.A carbon where the carbon double bonding happens, two hydrogen atoms are attached to one side only and at this point one end of the A.L.A twists towards it. In biochemistry this is called as sys configuration. This bending of the sequence affects the physical, chemical and biological attributes of these fatty acids. This prevent these acids from slipping and becoming soluble and stay in liquid form even at the normal temperature, whereas the atoms of saturated fatty acids remain attached and solidifies at the normal temperature. They have light negative charge in them which creates a thin surface layer and is known as surface activity, which brings the toxics on the outer layer of skin, kidneys and lungs which are then removed from the body. Necessary Sys thus do not get attached to the arteries and veins.

The point at which the A.L.A series bends, there is a big cloud of electrons which is also called as 'Pie-electrons'. This cloud has huge electron charge in it which not just attracts solar photons but all photons coming from any light source in the universe. These pie-electrons conserve energy and work as an antenna. The electron charge of this cloud has a capability of attracting oxygen and keeps protein intact with them. Because of these pie-electrons the cells have different electric charges at different layers. It works like a capacitor and provides electronic charge to pulse, spleen, heart and cells. So now we have seen, how important are these fatty acids for continuous flow of living energy? Life could not be imagined without them. Deficit of these fatty acids would only make us anti human and lead us to degeneration.

L.A and A.L.A provides us with EPA and DHA, which enhances the flow of power and oxygen to our tissues and cells and thus helps in the flow of living energy. And this living energy further provides us with enough energy to our organs and tissues for proper functioning thus keeping us healthy and sane.