The end to the suffering of Arthritis

Tissues start weakening with the increasing age and various joints start wearing and tearing. In such a situation joints start experiencing pain and the suffering one starts loosing appetite, excessive thirst and the joints in the body start experiencing pain along with mild swelling in the knees. In the advanced stages of the illness even  mild walking becomes a painful experience. Arthritis due to old age is known as osteoarthritis, due to swelling or inflammation in the joints is known as gouty arthritis and due to hemophiliac blood clotting in the joints is termed as acute arthritis. Skeletal joints are also affected in Tuberculosis and Rheumatism.

Shoulder stiffness:

The swelling in muscles surrounding the shoulders dis-ables the free movement of shoulder. Hydrocortisone injections or treatment with ultrasonic rays helps in this form of pain.


It starts normally after 50-55 years of age, due to wear and tear of skeletal bones in the shoulders, knee joints and spinal cord. Edges form at the joints and a sharp sound could be heard while moving the affected joints and pain increases gradually. The movement gets restricted in the joints and we must consider that we are walking a lot, exercising slightly and consuming medications regularly. Even after being cured pain could surface again. Knee joints are completely ruined with this form of arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

It is found mostly in the women over 40 years of age specially affecting the knee, ankle and arm joints. The patient should continuously keep working to some extent along with rest which is also prescribed.

Arthritis of the spinal cord:

The skeletal posture of the patient slightly bents for-ward and it affects hip, shoulder and spinal joints. It is most commonly seen in the males.


This disabling illness is caused due to the concentra-tion of uric acid in the cartilage of knee joints. Medication is prescribed to control the concentration of uric acid in the knee joints and it is suggested to reduce the uric acid in blood. Alcoholic and non-vegetarian consumption works as catalyst for this disease and so should be avoided completely.

Tuberculosis of the joints:

This disease is due to malnutrition mostly affecting the joints. Tuberculosis of the lungs reaches the joints and its symptoms do match that of arthritis. Extensive medication of tuberculosis is used to treat this illness.

Medical Treatment:
1 ] One clove of garlic should be boiled in half liter milk and when the milk is reduced to about 250 ml, should be consumed after filtering the milk from the garlic and so on we should increase the numberof garlic clove in the milk up to 11 days increasing one clove every day and from 12th day we need to decrease one clove of garlic every day.
2 ] The roots of Punarva 10 gm should be boiled in 100 ml of water until the water remains about 25 ml and then it should be consumed after filteration.
3 ] Yograj guggal tablets should be consumed with warm water, 2 tablets in morning and evening each.
4 ] Ashwgandha, Chopechini, Peeplamul, Sonth pow-der in equal quantity should be consumed with milk in morning and evening.
5 ] After baking joints with warm cloth dipped in hot water Redi leaves with ghee should be applied on the joints.
6 ] Before sleeping at night 18 gm of Methi seeds should be consumed with water.
7 ] Affected joints should be massaged with pain relieving oils.

Dietary inclusions:
Wheat, Millet chapattis, Methi, Chaulai, Bitter gourd, Tinda, Apple, Papaya, Grapes, Dates, Garlic consumption is suggested.

Dietary exclusions:
Rice, Potato, Cauliflower, Raddish, Sem, Grams, Urd pulses, Banana, Oranges, Lemon, Guavas, Tomatoes, Curd and all things with air element in them, sleeping during day and excessive hard work increases the illness. One should do Yoga-Pranayam as it is necessary and beneficial too. As per the Patanjali Systematic Strategy Letter, Pain relieving decoctions should be consumed daily before eating anything in the morning. Mahavaat Vighwansan Ras, Swarnmaakshik Bhasm, Prawaal Pisti, Godanti Bhasm also helps in arthritis. In excessive pain Vrihatvaat Chintamani Ras is also used. Use Yograaj Guggal, Chandrprabha Vati, Peedantak Vati and massage with pain relieving oils. All the aforementioned medicines should be consumed only under prescription by a registered medical practitioner.