Dysmenorrhoea Case Study

Dysmenorrhoea Case Study

A 30-year-old woman complained of painful periods. She had an irregular 25–30-day cycle with a short and scanty flow that was always dark red. The menstrual cramps were a dull ache that started on the first day and continued into day two. She passed small and dark clots. She often had abdominal distension and constipation before the period and then diarrhoea during the period. She had acute headache in her temples  and behind the eyes on the first day of the period. She also got a few acne spots just before the period. Emotionally, she was more anxious and irritable before the period.

She runs her own company, has one young child and is happily married. She loves exercising, often running, as she says it helps her alleviate stress. She is pale and thin.

Tongue: small, dry, cracked in the middle with some red spots on the sides. Quivering and pale body.

Pulse: weak, thin and faint all over but wiry in the middle positions.

This is a case of aggravated vata obstructing the flow of apana vayu with a weakness in the rasa and rakta dhatus. This means that wastes cannot move downwards. This causes vata to backup and irritate the blood. The aggravated blood tissue (rakta dhatu) then aggravates pitta. So vata-pitta are aggra-vated which is irritating the menstrual channel.

Dysmenorrhoea is known as kr cchra artava and, in this case, the causes are weakness from poor assimilation, recent childbirth and running outside in the cold with cold invading the uterus.

Treatment principle
  • Reduce pain
  • Descend vata
  • Nourish rasa and rakta dhatus
  • To regulate pitta and soothe the blood
  • Vata reducing diet
After two cycles the pain had significantly reduced, bowel symptoms calmed down and headaches stopped. She still felt run down if she overdid it. She still had spots around the period, which showed that some heat signs were present from the aggravated blood and so Sariva was added to the formula.

She continues to progress.