Divya Medohar Vati Indications & Ingredients

Product Name : Divya Medohar Vati for Obesity
Indication : Useful in obesity and hyperlipemia
Category : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine
Composition : Each 500 mg Tablet contains

S.No. Common name Latin Name/
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Part Used Qty
Indications of ingredients
1. Amla Emblica officinalis Fruit 94.93 Tridoshshamak
2. Baheda Terminalia belerica Fruit 94.93 Tridoshshamak
3. Harad Terminalia chebula Fruit 94.93 Rechak, Tridoshhar
4. Kutki Picrorhiza kurroa Root 14.30 Lekhan kaphaghan
5. Nishoth Operculina turpethum Root 14.30 Lekhan,Rechak
6. Viavidang Embelia ribes Seed 28.60 Kaphvatnashak,
7. Harad chilka Terminalia chebula Fruit 28.60 Tridoshhar
8. Shudha guggul Commiphora mukul
86.50 Medohar pramha
9. Shilajeet Asphaltum Sat 14.30 Stholya, Swedan
10. Babul gond Acacia arabica Gond 28.60 Grahi
Excipients: Gum acacia, Talcum, Aerosil, Magnesium stearate         Q.S.

Mfg. Method:
1) Prepare hydro-alcoholic (1:3) extract of  item no 1-3 in extraction unit and recover alcohol
2)  Prepare 80 mesh fine powder of ingredients no. 4 to7
3) Add item no. 8-10 ,Gum acacia,  & mix in mass mixer.
4) Granulate through granulator, Dry in FBD.
5) Mix Lubricant properly for10 minutes.
6) Compress in tablets
7) After Coating &Sorting, Pack in HDPE containers or blisters.
8) Finally pack in C. Box after labeling

Dose : As directed by the  physician
Presentation : 20/40/60 gm in HDPE Container.