Diet & Daily routine in Pregnancy period

Pregnancy period - Diet & Daily Routine

First month :  A pregnant lady should take milk with refined sugar twice daily, 1 spoon butter, 1 spoon refined sugar and the powder made out of 2-3 black pepper grains every morning at about 9 a.m. After that 2-3 coconut pieces are advised. At last 5-10 grams saunf also should be chewed.

Second month :  In this month take Asparagus (Shatavari)  powder 10 grams, the powder of refined sugar should be mixed.

Third month : Take one glass of cold milk that added 1 spoon pure ghee and 3 spoons honey in this month.

Fourth month : Take one glass of milk with butter.

Fifth month : Take one glass of milk with a spoon of ghee, every morning and evening.

Sixth month :  Take one glass of milk and evening mixing Asparagus and refined sugar in it.

Seventh month : Take one glass of milk and evening mixing Asparagus and refined sugar in it.

Eighth month : Take very light dinner in the evening along with milk and ghee. Problems like constipation and gas formation may arise during this month. Taking Triphala powder or Isabgol powder during the nights in hot water. It is highly advantageous in constipation.

Steady growth rate of weight
In the first 3 months 1.5 kgs and upto 4-7 per month 1.5, during 8-9 months each month 2 kgs. In this way during the pregnancy period a pregnant woman may grow upto 10-12 kgs more.

Do’s and Dont's during the Pregnancy period
  1. She should be cheerful always.
  2. She should wear comfortable dress, in which she may feel free to move about. Otherwise the child's limbs may be effected.
  3. It is always better doing her domestic work in a lighter manner. 
  4. Diet should be taken at proper intervals. Lengthy intervals are not allowed. It is advisable taking a very little food from time to time.
  5. During pregnancy coition is not allowed.
  6. Problems regarding breasts should be treated earlier.
  7. Papaya is avoidable during pregnancy period, as there is fear of abortion.
  8. Fasting , taking excessive meal and stale food is avoidable.
  9. Should read good literature, should sing bhajans and psalms and hymns and should pray God.
  10. She should not cry or should not feel morose.
  11. If it not good to climb or alight steps again and again. Should not lift heavy weights and should take rest 1-2 hours and 8 hours at night.
  12. Should take rest 1-2 hours and 8 hours at night.

Pranayama : Anuloma-Viloma, Bhramari, Udgeetha, Bhastrika.
Asanas : Butterfly, Vajrasana, Markatasana, Marjarasana, Sukshma Vyayam.
If this kind of routine is followed, a pregnant lady may give birth to a healthy child.