Decentralised development necessary for growth of nation

  • Karma, knowledge and devotion are messages from mother earth
  • 13 new swadeshi sales counter would be opened - Acharya Balkrishna
  • Farming of herbals would bring beauty and happiness on hills
Haridwar. A training camp of members of different NGOs, who came from remote hilly areas of Uttarakhand held at Patanjali Yogpeeth. Agriculture is a very sacred work and in the core of everything, it is mother earth. Yoga controls depression and hence practicing yoga is essential. Only decentralized development could take the nation forward. In the hilly areas, develop-ment of herbals shall be done, which would bring prosperity and greenery to the hills.

Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj expressed these views in Patanjali yogpeeth while addressing trainers of NGOs, working in the hilly areas of the state. Revered Swami Ramdev welcomed all the brothers, sisters who had come from remote hilly areas of the state and blessed them. He said Uttarakhand is the land of holy men and deities. He told that as old is the universe so is our Himalaya and in fact, it is the originating point of universe.

Swamiji said that NGO constituted for the upliftment of the people, living in hills would bring regular earning and prosperity. He said that you are earning with pure and sacred means. In ancient time, seers and kings did farming. Even Maharaj Janak ploughed land. Agriculture is a sacred job and a source of grains. In fact, land is the pivotal point, which energizes the mankind. Many new sources of earning are coming in the market regularly but we shall adopt swadeshi. We would have to uplift villages and poverty ridden people.

The nation would move forward with decentralized development and we all shall work together to make the nation strong.

Every person shall dispose of his duty responsibly. Swamiji said that the life of hills is very difficult and challenging but despite all problems we have to protect and conserve life, youthfulness, forests and herbals. He said all citizen of the nation shall be strong, competent and healthy so that a cultured nation could be built. On the occasion herbal medicine expert Acharya Balkrishna said that herbal medicines are available in India since Vedic era. Rigveda and other sacred and spiritual books have mentioned that availability of herbal medicines in India is as old as 15,000 years. Many seers and holy men were living in ashrams and gurukuls, set-up in remote forests where they also conducted research and study on medicines. Acharyaji said that in 13 federations, new sales centres would be established where products of Patanjali yogpeeth would be available and also, they would purchase farmers' produces. Acharyashri said that he want to promote herbals being found on hills. He exhorted all the people to plant herbal saplings in the backyard of their houses. It would further beautify Uttarakhand. He expressed concern on the large scale migration from the hills. He said that to stop migration Patanjali yogpeeth is promoting agriculture with the help of non Government Organisations (NGOs) so that large scale migration could be stopped. He told that the people would return to forests, which would improve greenery and prosperity. This is also an oath, taken by Patanjali yogpeeth and every effort is being made to meet the challenge.