Courage is the mother of success

At the time of birth a man neither has a strong physique nor a sharp intellect, but it has hope and self-confidence in its little heart. He enters this world with a tiny flame completely unaware and without any resources. In the light of hope, it finds its path through its hard work and thus facing all that comes his way reaches the pinnacle of excellence and personality.

Man finds its way through various risks, hard ways and conniving mazes with a light in his heart. The light of hope only brings harmony to the impatient and restless minds. It tears away the darkness of despair and provides him opportunities with new found confidence.

A ray of hope thus born in a human mind could on its own take care of the darkness of despair. Hope is a higher impetus which inspires humans to struggle and continue progression in adverse conditions. Hope is boon and despair is a curse and keeping this fact in mind intellects imbibe hope as life partner which inspires them to progress continuously in life. This is the reason why optimists could put their life to right use.

We have seen often that many leave hope in adverse conditions and rot their life in the darkness of despair or depression. But the intellects do not surrender even in adverse conditions and target themselves on their goal and move ahead with further renewed confidence.  It is a success of hope over despair and optimists are always ready for challenges. Inactivity attacks those under depression and thus imbalances their mind and life energies. In such a condition the men forgets all his ideals, and just a little despair breaks the fortress of good will in him. Building something requires a lot of patience and hard work but the same could be destroyed very easily, similarly it is hard to keep hope and confidence and much easier to be affected by despair.

Man is a storehouse of energy and power. He should strive for supreme and glorious tasks in life. Despair is dangerous in any whatsoever situation. A patient on being attacked by despair starts thinking that his condition is deteriorating and the despair starts killing him from inside thus taking him close to death. A man solid as rock could be smothered with despair. Keeping hope lighted always is the key to stay unaffected from despair.

Facing obstacles is but natural in this world but only those survive or succeed who does not lose hope or self confidence. We would lose everything around us with the slightest of despair in our life. The flower of our life should never wither and for that we should not let despair come close to us as courage is the mother of success.