Chandraprabha Vati Indications

Chandraprabha Vati is Indicated in -

Urine - Chandraprabha’s primary action is the treatment of urinary problems. It clears kapha and fluid accumulations from the ambuvahasrotas and mutravahasrotas (the water and urinary channels). This excess of fluid can cause cystitis, burning and painful urination with a cloudy colour. The albumin and sugar contents of the urine may be too high. It is a specific for kapha types of prostatitis with post-urinary dribbles, nocturia and urgency. It can benefit urinary stones and renal colic with back pains. It directly scrapes ama and sticky toxins from the channels.

Reproduction It is indicated for infertility caused by water stagnation in the water channels. This can manifest in men as spermatorrhoea, spermaturia, impotence and premature ejaculation. In women there may be the inability to conceive due to salpingitis, ovarian cysts, leucorrhoea and menstrual irregularity.

Diabetes Its significant action on the water channels, kidneys and pancreas point to its use in diabetes and hyperglycemia, especially the late-onset type that is complicated by obesity and high cholesterol. The Sarngadhara Samhita says that it treats all 20 types of diabetes.