Build an India Free From Political Corruption

Dishonest and corrupt people have looted the country. They will be thrown out of power. They will meet their fate for their committed evils.

It's our illusion that we can idyl and some avatar or messiah will appear and bring change in the country. We have to fight if we have to get something. 

We are free from slavery, yet in the country, in the name of governance exploitation, injustice, corruption and atrocities are on the peak; insecurity and lack of faith is prevalent. In such a situation, the country needs a purely nationalistic idea. And a new independence can be ushered-in, by dislodging corrupt, dishonest and criminals perched on top of the political system. A strong democratic country can be built by handing over political power to nationalistic, patriotic, transparent people, who happen to be visionaries, humanistic, spiritualistic.

The MPs and MLAs that we elect for our supreme parliament; that parliament is the foremost centre of power and resources of the nation. Parliament is the centre of all the systems in the country.

Political system decides the kind of education system we adopt and what should our children be taught. Political system is accountable for our medical system, economy and law and order in the country. Political system is accountable for developing agricultural system, eradicating poverty, hunger and illiteracy and ensuring optimum usage of manpower to curb unemployment. If political system is fine, the whole system of the country works properly. When we talk of polity, nationalism, national duty, we mean all the systems in the country, laws, ideal values and traditions, which bring progress and happiness to the country and the country moves on the path of development. But unfortunately most of the leaders heading the system are not correct, which is resulting into corruption in the country. And corruption breeds poverty, hunger and crime.

Venerable Swami Ramdev Ji believes that if corruption is curbed in the coun-try, we will have 10 lakh crore rupees more for the development of the country. Millions of more people can be employed; there will be all round development in the country and the country will be stronger, harmonious and free from crime.

Our ideals for national duty or polity, democracy and political system are - best among humans the king Ram, Yogeshwar Krishna, Chandragupt, Vikramditya, Samrat Ashok, Chatrapati Shivaji, Netaji Subhash Chand Bose, Tilak, Gokhle, Iron man Saradar Patel and Lal Bahadur Shastri and others. But currently, most of the corrupt, dishonest, people without dignity are governing our country. And if any patriotic, honest and individual with integrity happens to talk of replacing this ugly system with a clean and honest political system then these corrupt, dishonest and criminal people do not like this. It's an illusion that we can continue to  remain silent and gods will oblige us to bring that much needed change. Don't live a life of despair; identify your strengths and come together to defeat devilish forces. Dislodge all the corrupt people sitting on top of our political system. Elect noble people for the job and the only way to do this is by exercising your franchise 100 percent.

So, we want to replace the current corrupt political system by abetter democratic system, like in Italy, Australia, France, and Germany and over 30 countries, exercising an individual's franchise is mandatory; we wants to bring the same law to this country. Then only it is possible to bring an end to exploitation, injustice and corruption and it will end insecurity and lack of faith among people. And India in real terms can become a strong democratic nation. Otherwise only 25-30 percent people vote and all the people becomes a victim of bad governance. Corrupt leaders by offering false promises continue to loot the wealth of the country in the name of development.

I consider not exercising my franchise as maligning our independence and democracy. If we do not vote then our independence is under a serious threat. Our independence earned by martyrs will transform into slavery. Martyrs and brave freedom fighters did not sacrifice their lives so that weak, corrupt, dishonest and cowards may rule the country. For the current political degeneration all of us are equally responsible.

So, take a vow to exercise our franchise fully so that a strong democratic country can be built. We will bring true independence in the country and will get rid off political slavery. Since we do not vote, the power is transferred to corrupt people and the whole country suffers. To conclude, we wish all the countrymen happy Independence Day and exhort people to join Bharat Swabhiman' to realise Swamiji's vision of making India economic and spiritual lord of the world.