Bhumiamalaki Herb Benefits

Benefits of Bhumiamalaki Herb

Other name of Bhumiamalaki herb - Phyllanthus amarus/niruri, Stone breaker

Liver : Its affinity for balancing ranjaka pitta treats viral hepatitis, chronic hepatitis and it acts as a cholagogue. It is also useful for clearing and preventing gall stones. Human clinical trials attest to the improvement in liver function and alleviation of hepatitis symptoms.

Digestion : Its ability to clear aggravated pacaka pitta benefits digestive tract disorders with hyperacidity, inflammation and dysentery.

Skin : Used where the liver is the root of the skin inflammation. It is also applied externally for skin heat, swelling and itching.

Immunity : May be of use in impaired immune disorders; especially viral conditions such as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), HIV, flu, herpes.

Gynaecology : Bhumiamalaki is used in menorrhagia from high pitta. It clears inflammatory heat from the lower abdomen and this reduces congestion, leucorrhoea and painful urination.

Urine : It effectively clears stones and gravel from the urinary system. Bhumiamalaki may have a use in managing diabetes and reducing blood sugar levels.