Bhringraj Herb Benefits

Benefits of Bhringraj Herb

Other names of Bhringraj Herb - Eclipta alba, Eclipta, Bhangra

Head : Premature greying of hair, alopecia and early baldness are often classified as a pitta imbalance caused by pitta literally ‘burning’ the hair follicle. Eclipta clears pitta and especially from the head. It also benefits loose teeth, hearing problems, dizziness, vertigo (vata problems in the head). It is restorative to asthi dhatu (bone) tissue imbalances. It tonifies vata and therefore by strengthening, it reduces excess vata. Bhringaraja prepared oil also dissolves obstructions in the sinuses, nose, ears and head; use as nose and ear drops.

Liver Cirrhosis, hepatitis; it clears ranjaka pitta from its site and protects the liver. It increases bile flow and helps restore appetite. The blood is treated via its bene-ficial effect on liver function. It actually helps to build blood, strengthen rakta dhatu and reduce anaemia. Combined with a capillary strengthening action this can prevent high blood pressure caused by pitta and vata. It also benefits the eyes and treats conjunctivitis, styes and redness.

Nerves : Insomnia and mental agitation from high pitta and vata. It calms stress and reduces tension by tonifying Brain Tissues. Bhringaraja increases blood and nourishes the brain.

Skin : Bhringaraja treats skin conditions via the nervous system and the liver, helping to allay itching and inflammation; urticaria, eczema and ringworm caused by aggravations of the rasa and rakta dhatu are treated. It also helps to recolour the skin after depigmentation.

Lungs : Its pungency can help alleviate mucus and treat asthma and bronchitis.

Reproduction : Its rasayana properties rejuvenate deficiencies in shukra dhatu, helping to build sperm quality and quantity. The seeds especially are used for this.

Gynaecology : It helps to prevent excessive uterine bleeding by clearing pitta from the artavahasrotas and uterus.