Bharat Swabhiman

Bharat Swabhiman Contribution of Women

Women, despite a storehouse of tremendous energy, going shoulder to shoulder with daily life, find themselves disillusioned, when it comes the question of how can they contribute to defending the self-reliance of the country? The answer to this inferiority complex lies in the Bharat Swabhiman Yatra, the idea of which is perceived by the venerable yoga teacher Swami Ramdev ji. In fact, the contribution of women in India's existence as self-reliant country is far greater than men. Because, the country progressed ahead on traditions of our sanskars or cultural values and women are the mother of these sanskars. All that is required for women, to fulfill the goal of Bharat Swabhiman for their invaluable contribution, is to change their line of thinking. Then the road to success for stronger and self-reliant India will be self-evident.

The role of women has undergone a change but somewhere, she has become a victim of getting led astray. In a country, which believes in 'Yatra Naryastu Pujayate Ramante Tatra Devta', women have progressed but their respect in socio-cultural context has declined. There has not been any field of activity, where women have not earned name and fame in a world, where only the economic development is considered supreme. But at the same time a darker fact is that the kind of respect that they attained to in ancient period has been on decline. And for this decline, it won't be appropriate to blame men's world only, women also are responsible for the same to a certain extent. Like men, Women have also fallen prey to the illusion that economic development in life is supreme.

Indeed, the mission, which Venerable Swami Ramdevji has espoused, is to return to establishing India's past glory and grandeur. In his quest, he needs significant contribution from women power. Venerable Swamiji is of this clear opinion that women are God's unique creation, who not only have versatile personality but also are an embodiment of altruism, assimilation and tolerance. Saluting women power, country's first president Bharat Ratna, Dr Rajendra Prasad said that women are unique manifestation of power and progress of the country can not be imagined without them.

Now the question arises that how women can play their part in accomplishing the mission 'Bharat Swabhiman'. To establish Bharat Swabhiman, women have to take an initiative themselves. She will have to educate herself in Indian-ness. Through this education only, she will get to know that how, in the past, women like Apala, Ghosha and Gargi asserted their intellect to their claim to glory. This education will only enlighten her that how queen of Jhansi, Rani Laxmi Bai herself organized an army and posed a challenge to English army and returned unhurt of her sovereignty. Besides educating herself, she will also have to culturally train her progeny, who would be future nation-builders. If children are inculcated with values like honesty, truthfulness and Nationalism, early in their childhood, then the country will be free from corruption. And once corruption is eradicated from the country, it can not be stopped from becoming a superpower like what, once, ancient India was.

Why do we always enunciate these facts that Shivaji, inspired by Mata Jijabai's enducation and cultural upbringing, decided to free the country of shackles of slavery. Similary, Pandavas, brought up under Mata Kunti's cultural values, came victorious in the battle of Kurukashetra. It would be appropriate here to mention that studies in the West have proved that women, compared with men, are less selfish and are more aware of their duties. Considering this, if women happen to decide joining Bharat Swabhiman movement, then Swamiji's dream, to make India strong and self-reliant, will be definitely fulfilled.

So, come, all the women, and take an oath to contribute to the national movement of 'Bharat Swabhiman'. Change of thought among those too, who are housewives, and among those, who are independent modern women. The idea of change of thought is that housewives do not confine themselves to the duties of the household only, thus change their thought process. That means her duties are not confined to bearing children to carry the family clan forward and attending to domestic chores. Rather they have to believe that they are second-to-none. During her duties as housewives, they come across a variety of people and if they happen to harbor a few thoughts of serving the country and society, then they may spread messages of honesty and ethics among people. She may also fill people with thoughts of fighting corruption. For achieving this objective, she needs not to go out of the house. She will have to think that her role is not confined to bring herself to financial independence only. Rather she has to own up to a duty to the country and society. Swamiji has exactly the same dream of executing our duties to the nation. Since these women are witnessing and analyzing the current state of society closely, they can fight against corruption, which is a big hindrance in building a self-reliant India. They can also spread awareness among people for the same. Women, whether housewives or working, in attaining goals of Bharat Swabhiman will have to fight with their internal thoughts. They have to begin by stirring faith in themselves. Somebody has stated rightly that 'women are no-more weak, they face all adversities, they have incredible power, that is why they are called Durga.