Bhagat Singh - the prince of martyrs

Sardar Bhagat Singh was born in a reputed Sikh family in Loyalpur districtin 1907. His ancestors were Khalsa Sikhs, who played key role in the establishment of Sikh state under the guidance of Maharaj Ranjit Singh and opposed aggression of notorious Pathans in west and atrocious British people in the east. To sacrifice for the nation, the family was rewarded by Sikh rulers and had adequate chunk of land.

The age of Bhagat Singh was not even 14 years, when he was associated with revolutionary organizations of Punjab, fighting for the sake of the nation. In 1921 non-cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi did not succeed and some youths decided to adopt a different way from Gandhiji's non-violence. A new group emerged in Punjab, which was Babbar Akalis. The real revolutionary life of Bhagat Singh began from Kanpur when he became an integral part of an organized revolutionary party. KK Khullar had, in his book `Shaheed Bhagat Singh- kuch adhkule panne` mentioned that once a lower court asked Bhagat Singh as what is meaning of revolution for him? He said revolution does not necessarily mean violence. Personal revenge, bombs and firearms too have no place in revolution. Revolution's meaning for us is to bring change in the present system, based on injustice. Production and laborers are essential components of the society but an atrocious section deprives them from their genuine rights. Thus, farmer, who produces grain for millions does not have adequate food, weaver, who supplies cloths to the world does not have adequate cloths for himself and family. Mason, black smith, carpenters construct palatial houses but live in dirty and seedy houses as untouchables.

Millionaires and exploiters in the society spend millions of rupees to meet their obsessions but many people do not have money to meet both ends. These discrepancies in the society would ultimately lead to anarchy in the society. The situation could not be prolonged and it is clear that the society is on a volcano, which could erupt anytime. If the civilization system is not saved, it would collapse ultimately. The situation needs drastic change and the change could be brought by those, who believe in socialism. Till this change is not made, people exploit others, nations exploit others, pain and ,insult generated as a consequence would continue. All discussions to end confrontation, war and bring peace make no sense. The meaning of revolution is to establish a system in the society which does not face such dangerous situation, in which prominence is being given to sovereignty of the depressed class in which humanity and the society gets free from the capitalism and disaster of war. This is our motive and taking inspiration from this philosophy, we have given an adequate and loud warning. Revolution is the birth right of a human being. Independence is the ageless and birth right of every person. The life and death of Shaheed Bhagat Singh clearly says that a person could be suppressed but not his views. Personality like Bhagat Singh takes birth once in a century. He embraced death to make sure that others may live.

Bhagat Singh's mind was disturbed and was pained at the lost glory of the nation. He restored the lost pride and also the confidence. He gave a new direction to the concept of independence. In his opinion, independence without freeing the nation from poverty, hunger and illiteracy is incomplete. In his opinion independence means something beyond capturing the bungalow of viceroy or increase in number of seats in Parliament. Freeing India from the shackles of Britain was just a part of his strategy. He wanted to get rid of all shackles. He wanted a true social democracy in which weaker section gets security and 86 percent illiterate persons could get educated. He wanted to make slum dwellers happy, whose life has been crippled due to loans they had taken and illness. Such people make 92 percent of the population of the nation, living in 5 lakh villages. Bhagat Singh had made a planning to bring happiness to the faces of millions of deprived and oppressed people, suffering from decades. This is the reason as why Bhagat Singh is different from other freedom fighters.

Bhagat Singh, a prominent figure in the freedom struggle of the nation, laid his life for the sake of nation and embraced death. There are many such fighters and they were so happy to die for the nation that they gained weight before going to the gallows. Writing the history of these fighters is not an easy job as planning are always kept top secret and only a few had information of it.