Bala Herb Benefits

Benefits of Bala herb

Other names of Bala Herb - Indian country mallow, Sida cordifolia

Urinary : Cystitis, stones, infection, haematuria, polyuria, urgency; high pitta and vata in mutravahas-rotas.

Nerves : Pain, neuralgia, sciatica, paralysis and neurosis; all structural and nervous disorders with high vata. It is an excellent energy tonic when there is exhaustion due to an aggravated nervous system. An external oil massage using warm bala siddha taila is commonly used for these conditions along with internal treatment.

Reproductive : Infertility, leucorrhoea and apanaks etra congestion along with reproductive weakness. Bala is a renowned energy tonic that enhances sexual potency and ojas. Used to aid the growth of the fetus and keep the mother strong.

Lungs : Dry cough, asthma, tuber-culosis and haemoptysis; vata–pitta disorders of the lungs. The low levels of ephedrine help to bronchodilate constriction and prevent wheezing and restricted breathing.

Fever : High temperature from an underlying deficiency and weakness.

Heart : Bala is a great heart tonic used for treating arrhythmia, tachycardia, irregular pulse and palpitations. As it benefits both mamsa dhatu and mamsavahasrotas it can be used to strengthen the heart muscle.