Bahera Herb Benefits

Benefits of Bahera Herb

Other names of Bahera herb - Terminalia belerica, Beleric myrobalan, Bibhitaki

Lungs : Asthma, bronchitis, cough, laryngitis with high avalambaka kapha, obstructing the flow of prana in the lungs. Where there is copious, white or clear phlegm, Bahera can help to clear and dry this congestion. Also used to soothe a sore throat when mixed with honey and also used as a gargle.

Head : It has a particular affinity for the upper body and head. Bahera clears congestion from the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Also indicated for helping to maintain hair growth.

Digestion : Diarrhoea, colitis, Crohn’s disease, intestinal inflammation and parasites with pitta–kapha problems. Bahera has a dual action of being both astringent and laxative that helps to increase peristalsis as well as strengthen the mucous membranes of the colon. The unripe fruits have a stronger laxative action and the ripe fruits are more astringent.

Urine : Bladder stones, cloudy urine due to kapha urinary aggravation with obstructions in the medas-dhatu. Bahera has the ability to clear all kapha accumulations. 

Nerves : Insomnia; its astringent nature can hold rising vata down in the lower abdomen and prevent it from irritating the sensitive nerves of the head. Bahera also nourishes majja dhatu, which helps to prevent frazzled nerves. 

Heart : Its cardiac glycoside content and ability to reduce stag-nant kapha indicates its use for cardiac congestion and insufficiency.