Alcohol is the Mother of Evils

Alcohol is the Mother of Evils 

A considerable story from Buddhist relics highlighting the consequences of alcohol.

One day god while monitoring creatures saw king named Sarvmitra consuming a lot of wine. Immorality was ruling with all his courtiers and subject indulged in wine. God cried in angst and said! Wine tastes sweet but its consequences are so ill feted. All his subjects would improvise if only the king could improve!

God transformed himself into a hermit with glowing skin wearing barks and antelope skin carrying a pot filled with wine on his shoulders reached the king. The king bowed to the hermit god with folded hands. God said in solemn tone, 'who amongst you could buy this pot covered with flowers and filled to the brim with the sweetest of wine? This pot is as decorative as that of a necklace, see how beautiful it is!

The king's eyes were stuck on the pot and with folded hands he asked god, 'your glow is comparable to that of rising sun, and your candour is of the moon. Your dress seems like hermits, with what name should we call you?' God answered, 'you have a pleasant way of talking and I have not seen anyone with so much gratitude, but no one meekly admits the faults in their own! The King said, 'Oh, God what is there in this pot and why are you involved in dramatics of selling it?' God said, 'O King, this pot neither contain water, the rain drops directly from the clouds, the purest of spring water, nectar from the fragrant flowers, transparent ghee nor the milk constituting of sweetness of moon rays. But it does contain demonic wine. It has property that whosoever would drink it would be rid of his senses, under its intoxication he could even eat stool instead of food. Please buy this wine filled in this degraded pot! This wine has the power of winning over all your wisdom and could kill your senses, so that you could behave like a wild animal after losing your senses. This certainly needs a buyer like you as it does not have a single noble quality. You would loosen your shyness and you could even live naked. You would not feel bad at all even if people would spit on you as you would not realize even if they would throw dirt, dung or stone at you. Any women who would consume it would even betray her parents and rich husband and would lovingly wane her virtue, it is so qualitative wine.

It has destroyed many a prosperous families, took many a vigorous physics to pyre, has ruined palaces and kings, even then its thirst could not be quenched. Such a devastating wine it is.

Just by tasting alcohol, mind becomes cloggy and your heart would conceit itself. You would not even realize what you are saying or indulged in. Any one consuming it could lie and could not differentiate in between truth and lies. One gets sinned just by touching it, intellect wanes rapidly, pain and infections rise. It is the mother of all evil, the endangered darkness of the enlightened minds, burns the calmness. One could even kill their own families under its influence, such a sweet wine it is. O the king of your subjects, it is the perfect drink for you, please pay for and consume it.

Just see its gem like red color. Its effect multiplies manifolds just with a touch of beauties. Human gets converted into an animal by drinking it and it is a mine to hell. On detailing all about the qualities of wine, god looked at those present over there, they all were shocked. Suddenly with a loud roar the king broke his wine pots and condemning the wine fell at god's feet saying - 'ah demonic, delusionary wine move away, leave me!'
Moral Lesson
Wine (alcohol) is a mine of all evil and we should safeguard ourselves from it. It is a fire which could burn everything.