Aconite Plant Description, Properties & Benefits

Aconite Plant Description, Properties & Benefits

Family name - Ranunculaceae
Latin name - Aconitum ferox Wall
English - Aconite, Monk's hood
Sanskrit - Vatsanabha, Amrita 
Hindi - Batchanag, Meethaavish, Meethateliya
Gujarati - Batchanag
Marathi - Vachanaag
Bengali - Kathvish,  Meethaavish
Arabi - Vish
Persian - Vichanaag

Aconite Plant Outer Shape
Aconite plant is a perennial herb, having a simple stem, usually growing from 1 to 3 inches, like hefty carrot, outward part is light gray colored and internally it is white coloured, gluey, shiny, simple and straight trunk, leaflet shape is axil, like that of sinduvara (five-leaved chaste tree), flowers are red,white and yellow in colour, fruits round and shiny.

Aconite Plant Description
Aconite is found from Sikkim to Northwest Himalayan region upto the height of 10,000 - 15,000 thousand feet. 28 various species of Aconitum are available both as poisons and medicines all over India. The flowers are very attractive. The leaves and root yield its active ingredient, a potent alkaloid called Aconitine. The  smell of the flowers is highly poisonous and makes faint. The horn-shaped roots are deadly poisonous and are used for medicinal purpose. Aconite is available in two types - one in White colour and the other is in black.  Actually gray and yellow are its natural colours. Aconite is also called as 'white aconite'. And it is be coloured to make it insect-free. Then it is  called 'Black Aconite'. It looks like the naval of  a calf , that is why it is named as 'vatsanabha'. No other tree grows in the surroundings of this tree.

Aconite Plant Medicinal Treatment
Cough breathing
Take betal leaf, add 65-125 mg aconite, apply a little bit of cooked linseed oil and give it to the patient in the morning and evening. It is useful in Cough as well as in asthma.

Paste aconite and anoint it on throat. It is beneficial in throat related problems.

1 ] Give Aconite in half a grain quantity along with cinnamon, sulfur, borax and other savory materials. It controls fever.
2 ] Give Aconite in lesser quantity to nuemoniac patient to decrease fever.
3 ] Take purified aconite, pure asafeti-da, pure borax, Indian turnsole, essence of nirgundi (chaste tree) in equal quantities and paste them. Prepare pills in 65 mg size. Take one pill with proper dosage to gain control on ulcers, inflammation and fever.
4 ] Take equal parts of cinchona, camphor and pure aconite and take it in 65 gm dose in the morning and evening to control oozing from eyes and fever.

Take 10 gm. of pure aconite and add it with 70 gm. of arrowroot. Patients who suffer with dysentery, diabetes, paralysis may take this medicine 65 gm - 125 gm. This medicine should be taken three times a day.
Difficulty in Urination
Take half a grain of pure aconite to rectify the disorders of urination.

Frequent urination
Take pure aconite in half a grain quantity to control over frequent urination. It is beneficial, if it is given in lesser quantity in Sciatica, joint pains and lockjaw problems. 

Whole body pain
1 ] Aconite oil is helpful in efface the problem of whole body pains. Anoint the paste of aconite in problems of Arthritis and inflammation of small joints.
2 ] Take 25 gm. of Aconite millet and add it to linseed oil, boil it and apply this oil to check arthritis and whole body pains.

Pulse infirmity
Take 15-16 mg. quantity of  aconite inproblems like pulse infirmity. It is also useful in diseases caused by frequent urination, bed-urination.

1] Add borax to the same quantity of aconite and take 15-16 mg. dosage to live a healthier and longer life. Heart beat would be in a systematic condition. Sexual energy sustains consistently. The power of senses increases more. Guards against you from fever,  indigestion, arthritis, boils and pustules.
2] Take 30-30 gm. Myrobalan black and leadwort , banyan 15 gm, aconite white 9 gm. and make fine powder out of the ingredients. Add cow ghee and honey upto 160-180 gm. If this powder is taken one and half a gram to 3 grams, diseases like white leprosy and asthma would be cured. And the whole body get energized. Before taking this drug, one should take medication to clean stomach first.

In fever with inflammation of phlegmy fever, aconite should be taken in a lesser quantity. In the childrens' inflammation aconite works very well.

Scorpion bite
Rub aconite on scorpions' bite and if this medicine is taken in 125 mg. quantity the poison of scorpion goes off from the body.

Take this medicine upto three months, leprosy would be cured.

If this medicine is taken in higher quantities, death occurs.

After vomiting, borax should be given mixing with cow ghee or bark of white marudah with cow ghee or honey. Other than this, turmeric can also be given by rubbing it in water.