27 February Martyr Day, Chandra Shekhar Azad

A child was born at Pandit Sitaram Tiwari's home on 23rd Jully, 1906 in village Bhavra, Distt- Jhabua of Madhya Pradesh. This child born of Maata Jagraani was renowned as Chandrashekhar 'Aazaad". Chandrashekhar Azaad was a courageous, proud and a man of his words just like his father. He neither oppressed anyone nor tolerated atrocities from others. He inherited honesty and self-respect.

Aazaad was very upset by the Jaliyanwaala bag Massacre. Chandrashekhar Aazaad was a close friend of Bhagat Singh and Bismil and a revered revolutionary in the war of Indian Independence. His ideologies shifted with the closure of 'Non Cooperation Movement'. He was the founder of Hindustan Social Republican Association and executed various revolutionary activities through it. Aazaad also lost his interest like Bhagat Singh in Congress when Gandhi ji took back Satyagrah on the basis of Chaura-Chauri incident in 1922, and founded H.R.A along with Pandit Ramprasad Bismil, Sachichandra Saanyal and Jogesh Chandra in 1928. They decided to loot the wealthy people in villages in order to accumulate money for their group's activities on a principle of not hurting any women in their operations. In such a loot lead by Ramprasad Bismil, he was amused when a woman took away his gun. On this loot 8 members of the group were lynched as the entire village turned against them. After this incident they decided only to loot government installations.

Aazaad was a patriot and shot him-self with the last bullet in a confrontation with the British Police in Alfred Park at Allahabad. He was master in disguising as a hermit and he used it many a times with perfection. Once he even stayed with a dying sage so that after his death he could get his assets worth 5 lakh for his group. But later came back on knowing that the old sage was in perfect health. He was impressed with Russian revolutionary Vera Kigner and even had book by Lenin in Hindi. Though he was not into reading but loved listening to others. He loved watching movies when he went to Mumbai for livelihood.

He was in Allahabad from 25th February, 1931 for planning to send Yashpal to Russia for communist training. 27th February was an unfortunate day in the history of Indian Revolution. Aazaad was in the Alfred Park indulged in discussions with Sukhdev, Surendra Nath and Yashpal. Here the British Police cordoned him on being informed by some informant. Surendra Nath and Yashpal told him to leave as the country needed him the most but he asked all others to leave and con-fronted the cordon himself. He killed 3 and injured 16 policemen. He had pledged that the British Police would never catch him alive and being committed on his pledge he shot himself with the last bullet that he had and martyred as a free Indian. Police was so scared of him that even after hearing the last bullet they did not approached him for hours and cremated him swiftly. The moment public came to know about his martyrdom, all Allahabad gathered at the Alfred Park and started offering prayers to the tree under which he shot himself. People even collected soil from under that tree and tied flags on it. The city came to stop this day.