Which food should be eaten - cooked or uncooked

There is a question among all the health conscious people that what kind of food should they eat for remaining healthy - cooked or uncooked?

Here is the answer according to ayurveda for this question.

Food & Preparation :
  • Eating warm (cooked) foods enlivens the enzymes for easily and quickly digesting food, promoting Apána Váyu, and removing Kapha.
  • However, when food is overcooked, its life force becomes depleted.
  • Further, cooking with too much heavy oil can weaken the digestive fire.
  • Food is best eaten when cooked or steamed rather than uncooked; it is more nutritive and building.
  • Also, persons on spiritual paths, (i.e., practicing sádhaná (meditation) and following a guru or spiritual guide), generally need not follow such drastic raw food measures.
  • Eating raw food causes roughness among persons on the spiritual path.
  • It is true that raw foods have enzymes to remove toxins, but they do not adequately build the tissues.
  • Fruit is better fresh and uncooked.
  • Microwaves damage the lifeforce.
  • Restaurant food is generally over- or under- spiced, and not as good as a home-cooked meal. Cooking over a wood fire is best.
  • Cooking on a gas stove is better than cooking on an electric stove.