How much food should be taken by a healthy person

Quantity :
  • A proper quantity of food is easily digested, promotes longevity without afflicting the doshas.
  • Food, when eaten, should fill one-third of the stomach size or capacity. Liquid, when taken after meals, also should fill one-third the stomach size.
  • The time to drink liquids at mealtime varies with the individual.
  • Heavy or obese persons should drink before meals.
  • Underweight or thin persons should drink liquids after meals, and persons of normal weight should drink with their meals.
  • The remaining one-third of space in the stomach helps digestion.
  • The key is moderation and regularity. Vayu doshas need to eat every 3 - 4 hours. Pitta persons generally have good digestive fire. Kapha constitutions need to eat less.
  • Ultimately, the stronger the digestive fire, the more one can eat. (Less food is better with a fever.