Home Remedies for Amnesia

Due to some sort of brain damage or psychological reasons or emotional reasons, a person may loose his memory, this state is called as amnesia. The patient got amnesia to partial or complete loss of memory. There are different types of amnesia regarding the reasons for getting amnesia. Patients with amnesia start forgetting names and words, and a day to forget your identity. This usually happens in old age.

Home Remedies for Amnesia:

In the field of medicine, a number of tests carried out on patients with amnesia, to test how their brain is damaged. In the event that there't have a brain injury and amnesia is caused due to emotional reasons, then there are various methods of psychotherapy to help such patients to lead normal lives. There are many home remedies for amnesia , and are helpful in improving memory.

  1. Eating nuts has many advantages and one of them is a sharp memory for those who eat them. Make a point to eat about twenty grams of walnuts per day, whereas the sharp memory.
  2. Apple is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals and is very good in the treatment of amnesia. For the treatment of amnesia you eat an apple and then one cup of milk with a few drops of honey added to f in it.
  3. If you want your brain strong enough emotional ups and downs don t'had no effect on the brain, eat a lot almonds . You can keep the almonds soaked overnight in water and eat the next day morning after removing their red covers. You can also paste of almonds and mix butter and sandalwood in it. Use this mixture as an inhaler. This will be your very active brain cells.
  4. Early in the morning on an empty stomach will be a mixture prepared by mixing fine paste five black pepper in honey together.
  5. sage herb is also effective in reducing the chances of getting amnesia. If you prepare the tea leaves and sage form to drink on a daily basis, then your concentration will improve as well. This is one of the most effective home remedies for amnesia.
  6. Include a lot of fruit in your diet, especially fruits such as oranges, grapes, figs, raisins, fruits etc. These will provide a tonic needed for the proper functioning of the brain.
  7. You can prepare the tea rosemary leaves and drink twice a day to improve your memory.
  8. Wash List of basilicas and eat them for getting a good memory. You can eat basil leaves early in the morning and then in the evening.
  9. Play in Meditation are also very useful means by which you can make your mind more alert and keep your memory sharp.
  10. Avoid drinking too much coffee, alcohol and soft drinks, such as the negative impact on health and your mind too. Avoid processed foods, and as much as they can eat home cook food.