Benefits of Yogurt

Energetics: Sweet, sour/cold/sweet Sweet yogurt

Actions: Nutritive, digestive stimulant, astringent

  • Nourishes all tissues.
  • In small amounts, it aids digestion of all other foods.
  • It replenishes positive flora, decreases vaginal yeast infections and cancer; malignant tumors, boosts the immune system, promotes strength relieves the flu, colds, anorexia, emaciation, and diarrhea (take with appropriate spices); uric acid, digestive-tract infections, cholesterol, cholera.
  • Yogurt, like milk, is considered sacred (sattwic).
  • Yogurt adds weight and fat; and improves digestion when taken during meals.
  • The whey reduces anorexia, weakness, emaciation, malabsorption. Whey increases appetite, and reduces mental fatigue.
  • Yogurt made by hand, mixed with pepper and cane sugar strengthens the body.

Contraindications: Heavy, in excess it causes constipation, clogs srotas, aggravates toxic blood (i.e., acne, skin rashes). Do not take after sunset. Yogurt or lassi is not to be taken with diseases involving blocked channels (srotas).

Antidote: Take with ghee, Amalaki(Amla or emblica officinalis) and water.