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Early Ejaculation
Respected Sir, I am 24 years old.From last 10 years i am regularly doing hastmathun. Last year when i am doing sex with a girl. I fell my ejuction is much early. I am not satisfied him. Now i am g...

Thanks, Herbal doctor for your quick response on my concern about prediabetes. You suggested that taking karela and jamun seeds blood sugar levels. I just one clarification on using karela seeds....

pile problem
bleeding plz suggested
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Suspect liver infection
Age:70yr Gender: Female Duration of health problem : 10-12 days Medication taken: Liverfit- 7 days Dorcorrcat Maxrol Test Report: Large amoount of free fluid (ascites)presentt in the abdominal and...
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Heart Blockage_Diabetes
My father is 59 years old, is a diabetic for about 22 years and has been diagnosed with 90% blockage in the left major artery. He has been advised bypass at the earliest. He is extremely keen on al...
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kidney shrinkage
pranam swamiji, My mother is 52 years old with normal BP, no sugar, and not any other problem,but her kidney is shrinking and not functioning properly. Doctor advised her to transplant one kidney. ...
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suffering Athretis (vadam)
Hi, This is relating to my mother whos age is 54, Last year for 6 months have taken ayurveda medicine for bones, as at the time of summer bones of hand and leg get cold and the right knee while s...

Pl help me to knw the right yoga and treatmrnt for these deadly diseases
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Hi, for the past four to five years i am suffering from diarrhea predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome along with gastric. So just want to know if there is any cure for me.

gas/flatulence, belchings,bileformation,acidity, indigestion
since the last 6 years i am facing the problem of acidity, bile formation, nausea, mild headaches,belchings,indigestion, and stomach mild pains, . whatever i eat i get gas formation, bile, sour tas...