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hair fall
i am 18yrs old girl and i am losing my hair for past 2 years.i have to many doctors but it is not any use ,so please tell me

Problem of scabies
I am suffering from severe itching on all over body.I consult a doctor last month.He said that you are a patient of scabies disease & he give me treatment(Emscab lotion,ivermectin tablet,),then...
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Hair Loss
Please let me know if there is any treatment for the hair loss. Also, please let me know how can I order this medication in USA. Thanks.

Looking for veggie medicines
You prescribed me Himalya's Lasuna and shuddha guggulu for cholesterol. The thing is the capsules has gelatin case and usually gelatin is a by-product of animal fat. I would like to have pure ...
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Indefinate Stomach pain
I am married woman with 3 kids in mid age of 40s I am suffering from problem of heavy stomach pain which occurs only at midnights since last 3-4 years. It occurs only when any kind of mental stres...
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straight penis
i do not have strength when coming little erection my penis alway stay down .when little erect i feel veins problem because i have done harniya operation may be some veins is damage. what is the pr...

Address of patanjali hospital noida
Dear Sir Pls Send the address of patanjali hospital in noida Unit. JagatPal

Thanks for medicine for heavy bleeding
asked by cher14 on 6 January 2010 5:00
Hi, Thanks you for your advise. But I still have a few queries. I can take the full package of treatment except no.6 as the doc said said it will clash with my epileptic medicine which i cannot sto...

What can I do to cure my insomnia?
I have had chronic insomnia for 23 years. I have difficulty falling asleep and also staying asleep. I very often only get 1 to a couple of hours sleep per night. I had several shirodhara treatments...

how to get relief from acid reflux
dear doctor i'm 47years old do regular anuloma viloma breathing and kapalabathi for 30mts. i'm having acid reflux problem. please give me homeremedy for this. and prescribe a m edicine t...
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